Callow and Haywood Parish Council

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The next Parish Council Meeting will be on

Tuesday 23rd August 2022 at 7.00pm  at Callow Village Hall



Defibrillator installed at Callow Village Hall

The defibrillator at the Callow Village Hall is now installed and ready to use when required. It has been registered on ‘The Circuit’ which means its location will be known by the West Midlands Ambulance Service.

If you wish to know more about how it works, please take time to watch this video link to London Hearts CPR and Defibrillator Training.

London Hearts CPR and Defibrillator Training – YouTube


The Annual Canvass is in progress!

This year’s Annual Canvass has started. Over the course of July we will be contacting all 89,000 households in Herefordshire to check their details for the Electoral Register, as required by law.

We will be sending over 50,000 communications via email and text message where possible, and posting out hardcopy forms as necessary.

Last year we received a number of queries as to the authenticity of the email domain. The email will arrive to electors from and will contain a link directing them to the online web response ( This email is genuine and the link is safe to click.

There will be two separate letters going out:

  1. One that requires a response under any circumstances. We believe there might be updates and changes in these households. For any households who do not initially respond, we will be chasing further – including sending a canvass form with a pre-paid envelope and, if no response, knocking on doors as necessary.
  2. One that requires a response ONLY if the details we already have are incorrect. We believe there are no changes to report in these households. This letter is only sent if we have been unable to get a response using emails and texts.

As a response is not necessarily required, all we are asking the public to do is to please read their correspondence carefully and follow the instructions.

We are of course promoting responses (where required) by internet but are well aware this is not for everybody, so we have telephone and SMS options for them.

We are grateful for any assistance you can give to any of our residents that might need help, and also with any wider publicity. You can also view the annual canvass FAQs at

Electoral Services can be contacted on 01432 260107 or with any issues.

Many thanks.


Parishioners may be aware that Herefordshire Council is in the early stages of developing a new Core Strategy and the Parish Council strongly encourages parishioners to get involved in expressing their views directly, as well as via your representatives on the Parish Council. The current consultation taking place is “Place Shaping” and can be found under the following link:

Parishioners can find more information at the above link, and can also sign up to receive email updates as the process develops and consultations continue.



Anyone requiring assistance

If you need, or you know anyone who needs, support by way of collection of groceries, medical supplies from the pharmacy, etc. we have assembled a list of volunteers living in the Parish to assist you.

We are working with Herefordshire Council to ensure that sound procedures are followed, so for Assistance contact:

The Talk Community team on 01432 260027

Or e-mail

They will listen to your needs and will put you in touch with the nearest appropriate help.


If you wish to be added to the team of volunteers, or have any other queries, contact:

  • Neil Barrington (Parish Council Chairman) on 07380 132702 or
  • e-mail 

and leave your name, location and telephone number and a description of the time you can contribute and whether you have transport.

Volunteers sought

We are working with Herefordshire Council to ensure that anyone who is housebound during the epidemic receives any necessary assistance. This might be by way of collections of groceries, medical supplies from the pharmacy, etc.

Consequently, we are looking for fit, healthy volunteers who would be interested in assisting.

If you believe you could assist, please:

  • Neil Barrington (Parish Council Chairman) on 07380 132702 or
  • e-mail 

and leave your name, location (so we know what part of the Parish you live in, to suite with those in need) and telephone number and a description of the time you can contribute and whether you have transport. 

We will assemble a list of suitable volunteers and pass this to the “Talk community programme” at Herefordshire Council, who will coordinate the work and advise the appropriate procedures. Only leave information that you are happy is shared with Herefordshire Council to assist the voluntary programme. 

Thank you in anticipation.

 Reporting potholes via website:

Copy and paste this link into your browser to see what is happening with potholes in the area and to report new ones:

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