Minutes April 2021

Callow & Haywood Group


Meeting on Tuesday 6th April 2021 from 7.00pm




Present: Cllr. Neil Barrington (NB) (Chair), Cllr. Sandy Sharp (SS), Cllr. Jules Hardy (JH), Cllr. Steve Williams (SW), Tony Priddle (TP).


In attendance:  Parish Clerk; Sophie Glover and 3 members of the public


The meeting started at 7.01pm with 10 minutes for the public to speak

One point was raised by a member of the public, concerning the resurfacing works on the lane to Dewsall. A good job was done, with good traffic management. However, a large quantity of rubbish was left by the workers. Despite asking them to tidy up after themselves, nothing was done and more litter was left every day.

The parishioner contacted Balfour Beatty (BB) to complain, they sent out a member of staff who did tidy up a bit and also recognised that they had not completed the job despite leaving the site.  BB came back to finish the job and explained that the work had been done by contractors.

Action: clerk to write to BB to insist that they police their contractors work and the way that they act when they are carrying out a job for BB. Clerk to respond to Brian Vince with any outcomes.




Apologies for absence – None received.

Absent without apologies – Cllr. Peter Clegg (PC) Cllr. Oliver Price (OP)



2. Declarations of Interest

None declared.

3. Minutes:  To approve the Minutes as a true record of the Parish Council Meeting held, via Zoom, on 5th March 2021

Proposed: SW    Seconded: SS




4. Actions from previous minutes either dealt with, or on the agenda other than:-

Contact with Network Rail; Fly tipping/fencing on Haywood Lane. Move to next agenda.

SW was going to write to the PCC but he is awaiting the elections for a new PCC chief in May before making contact. Move to next agenda.

Clerk to add to next agenda
5. Matters arising between meetings: Nothing to report.  
6. To receive reports from:

Ward Councillor; CB:    They are due to go back to face to face meetings in May as a full council.  It is thought that this wont actually happen until a little later on.

There is now a fly tipping, foot path problems and dog poo reporting element on the reporting ap for the council.

There is a new ‘visit Hereford’ website, to support the county post covid.

PCSO West Mercia Police; No report.

Locality Steward; sent weekly.
























Planning Matters  – PC had submitted a report on all of the items below.

210368 – Norton Brook Cottagesproposed raising of pitched roof of an existing single storey rear extension, allowing for a loft extension.

Comment: no objection to the application.


203667 – Woodcroft, CallowRetrospective planning for a stable

Comment: no objection to the application.


210703 – Land at Merry Cottage, Grafton Lane; Proposed erection of single storey timber building to be used for existing childcare business. Alterations to existing vehicular access and enlargement of car park.

Comment: Object as no turning head, it could lead to traffic reversing out onto the lane. If the plans could be altered to address this issue, the PC would not object to the application. Also concerns about additional traffic that could be generated.


210716 – Twyford Brook Barn, Twyford: Proposed single storey rear extension (orangery)

Comment: Support: we have no objection to the application.

210970 – New House Farm, Grafton Lane; Appeal under section 174.


201773 – New House Farm, Grafton Lane: Appeal under section 78.

The Parish Council was asked to resubmit their original comments reiterating their views. SS to draw up the response to these and send onto the clerk.

For both of these appeals, individuals were asked to submit their own comments if they wished to.

Planning decisions made:

202146 – Unit 4, The Old Mushroom Farm:  Refused.

It was indicated that there was very little heavy vehicle traffic going down to the Old Mushroom Farm over the last few weeks. The PC will keep an eye on vehicular movements over the next month.















Finance and policies

To note bank balance in HSBC account as at 05.03.21: £9,979.95

To note receipts this period – none

To resolve to accept payments – Clerks salary and expenses; G3 for remedial work on notice boards:£95;

It was resolved to make the above payments.

To agree to add the Chair and clerk as a signatories to the bank mandate.      

Proposed:TP         Seconded: SW

All were in favour.



















Feedback from training or meetings attended.

Feed back from the Councillors meeting with John Harrington (JH)

The points discussed at the meeting were outlined to those present: the possibility of a link road from A49 to A449 using Tram Inn Lane and on down Knockerhill.

JH said that they were allocating £1.1million to look at improving the traffic problems in South Hereford. It was thought that nothing would be happening quickly!  JH has promised to get this link road pushed through during his tenure. Clerk to circulate the notes that she took at the meeting. Clerk to follow up on JH’s actions in 6 weeks.

The state of Grafton Lane was discussed and JH had moved to get it listed for urgent work.

Feedback from Parish Council Summit – slides from the meeting to be circulated to all councillors.

Feedback from any other meetings or training attended.

NB had attended training on being a chairman at HALC.

CB went to BB annual planning meeting: she added to the works

list in the drain at Church Cottage. She also mentioned Haywood

Lane’s collapsing edges, and got these added to their lists.









Clerk to follow up in 6 weeks.








Parish Roads and Footpaths

To discuss signing the Balfour Beatty lengthsman contract for 2021/22, It was moved to sign the contract:

Proposed: NB    Seconded:  SW

Discuss verge cutting for summer 2021: Through out the parish, it was resolve to ask for only one cut for the summer.

To note any defects and these should be reported to the clerk to pass on to the locality steward.

Report from Footpaths officer .

Cycle route sign at the top of Knockerhill has been knocked down. Clerk to report this to BB.

Clerk to get contract signed and returned to BB





Clerk to report this… again.

11. Defibrillator for the village – Update on requirement was unable to be discussed as neither Councillor tasked with this was in attendance.  It was resolved for the clerk to write to OP and PC asking for a recommendation to be presented to the May meeting of the PC, ideally with a written proposal that can be circulated before the meeting for Councillors to look through.  SW suggested that a good location might be at Knockerhill business park – this idea will be passed on for consideration. PC and OP to prepare a written report prior to the May meeting
12. Vulnerable and Isolated people

Phone numbers have been changed on the notice boards listing NB’s details in place of TP’s. He has not been contacted by any one as yet.

13 Corona Virus 

Nothing further to add to this.



14. Neighbourhood Plan update

It was resolved that until the new Core Strategy was released by Herefordshire Council there was no point in updating the parish NDP.  Item to be removed from the agenda for now.

15. Matters to be raised on the Agenda of the next Meeting – traffic/speeding; road out of Callow;  
16. Confirmation of date of next Annual Parish Meeting and Ordinary PC Meeting

The next meetings will be on Tuesday 4th May 2021 from 7.00pm on the ZOOM platform.

Website link: http://callowhaywoodpc.org.uk/



Meeting closed at 20.10





Signed: _____________________________        Date: _______________






Future meetings:-


Annual Meeting Tuesday May 4th 7.00pm
Tuesday June 1st Cancelled
Tuesday July 6th 7.00pm
Tuesday Sept 7th 7.00pm
Tuesday Oct 5th 7.00pm
Tuesday Nov 2nd 7.00pm
Tuesday Dec 7th 7.00pm





Signed: ……………………………………………Chair                      Date……………………..