Minutes March 2022

Callow & Haywood Group PARISH COUNCIL

Meeting on Tuesday 15th March 2022 from 7.00pm


 Present: Cllr. Neil Barrington (NB) (Chair); Cllr. Sandy Sharp (SS); Cllr. Jules Hardy (JH); Cllr Tony Priddle (TP); Cllr. Steve Williams (SW); Scott Crowley (SC);

In attendance: Parish Clerk; Sophie Glover: Ward Cllr Christy Bolderson; 3 members of the public from Graftonbury Court, 2 from the roads committee.

The meeting started at 7.00pm with 10 minutes for the public to speak

The Chair alerted the meeting that the time for them to talk was now, not during the actual meeting.

One parishioner alerted the meeting that there was fly tipping on Callow Lane just off the A49.

The meeting was told that unless new volunteers stepped forward, the village hall may have to close in April and the Parish Council was asked if they would like to take it over.

Action: clerk to add to the April agenda for discussion.

Further comment from a resident from Graftonbury Mews, she talked about the planning application (220208).  Explaining that along with others in her mews, they were against this application and told the meeting of antisocial behaviour from the landlord, including taking over the parking that they believe comes with their property.

Another resident has land backing onto the Old Mushroom Farm – particularly the aggregate business that applied for retrospective planning and was turned down, however the business is not only still running, it appears to have expanded.

Angie Gibbs will have a supply of litter picking equipment from this weekend if any one wants to help themselves they are welcome.



  • Apologies for absence : Cllr Oliver Price (OP);
  • Declarations of Interest :
  • Minutes: To approve the Minutes as a true record of the Parish Council Meeting held in February 2022.
  • Actions from previous minutes either dealt with, or on the agenda other than:-

Contact with Network Rail; Fly tipping/fencing on Haywood Lane.

Action : to pass the details of our most recent contact at Network Rail to the Chair who will write to them.


5.0      Matters arising between meetings: Clerks resignation/replacement update.  HALC asked if the PC would be happy to run the recruitment or will they bring in HALC to do this.  Proposed: SW    Seconded: NB  all were in favour.

Actions: Clerk to notify HALC of this decision.

Clerk to contact SC and NB to hand over the website details



  • To receive reports from:

Ward Councillor; Had sent a report electronically. Attached to the end of these minutes.

PCSO West Mercia Police;  None sent.

Locality Steward: Sent electronically every week.


  • Planning Matters
    • To consider comments on applications to be determined by Herefordshire Council as listed below or on the Planning website prior to the meeting:-

220208: Graftonbury Court – Proposed new dwelling

Following a site visit by SC and JH, the meeting was told that the site already suffered from too little parking, they intend to add to this problem with this development. The applicant also intends to take over an area of garden that is right next door to a current resident, meaning that they will struggle to get out of their door.  There seemed to be significant evidence not to support this application.

In addition, there are concerns about the size of the septic system – to deliver services to those already there, never mind adding a further building to strain the resources there.  There are no climate change measures in the build at all.

The resident had said that she had been told that the work was going to start on Monday 20th – this would be in contravention of the planning law. Send to planning enforcement.  Proposed: SW  Seconded: TP  all were in agreement.

Proposed; reject the application: Chair     Seconded: SC   All were in favour.

Action: SC to put some words together to circulate to the cllrs and for the clerk to submit in refusal of this application.

220322: Old Mushroom Farm: Application for variation of a condition on PP192833

The proposal was to quadruple the capacity of the gas canisters.  The PC were concerned about increasing the traffic to the site as well as the potential H& S issues of the transportation of the very flammable LPG.

Proposed: to object to this application: SS   Seconded: NB   all were in favour.

Action: Clerk to submit these comments

7.2)  Planning decisions made:

213861: Listed building consent: 10 Merryhill Park, Belmont: Approved.

211933: Land west of Grafton Lane: Proposed self build: Refused.


7.3)  Local Plan update: There had been a meeting to look at this in February, attended by JH; SW, NB and TP  following which TP circulated a report to all councillors.  Previously TP had attended a zoom meeting led by Herefordshire Council to discuss the proposed process for generating the new Local Plan.


  1. Finance and policies

           8.1)  To note bank balance in HSBC account as at 04.03.22:  £8,773.91

           8.2)  To note receipts this period – None

           8.3)  To resolve to accept payments – as per listing

Proposed spending: NB   Seconded: SW  all were in favour.


Unity Trust bank has been set up for the PC, we are in the Phase of ‘switch over’ between the two accounts.  Scott Crowley has been added as a signatory to this account.


  1. Parish Roads and Footpaths

           9.1) Speeding in the Parish – Callow Village, Grafton Lane and Haywood Lane. Feedback from the working party: Angie Gibbs and Merrill Crabtree-Livsey (MC_L) gave a brief report.  AG ran over the history of this working party – which was preceeded with work on speeding which started back in 2013.

They looked at accident hotspots etc.

MC-L: had prepared a presentation on suggested road calming measures.

A robust discussion ensued as to the way forward. It was moved to have a meeting just on these potential road calming measures.  The date of 12th April was suggested. 7pm.

Action: Clerk to book the hall.


9.2)To note any defects to be reported to locality steward. Footpath bridge.


           9.3) Report from Footpaths officer.   Nothing additional to report.


9.4) Identify work for the lengthsman, Discussion on cutting verges this summer. Proposed to have one cut: all were in favour

Action : Clerk to tell BB to cut it once.


Decision on signing up for the lengthsman scheme for 2022-23.

It was moved to Sign up Proposed: SW   seconded: NB

Action: Clerk to sign up


9.5)  Road signs at Callow. Moved to next agenda.


  1. Further Defibrillators for the parishes – update and resolutions.

JH will write a letter on the Parishes behalf to the garages on Knockerhill about siting a defibrillator there.


  1. Broadband discussion Ward Cllr had circulated further information about the broadband provision.


  1. Queens Jubilee / Queens Green Canopy: Deferred.


  1. Vulnerable and Isolated people / Corona Virus : Take Corona Virus off the agenda. Moved: SW  Seconded: NB

Ref vulnerable people, we are looking into how best to contact these people.


  1. Matters to be raised on the Agenda of the next Meeting: As on this meeting. Pine Tree at Merryhill.


  1. Confirmation of date of next Parish Council Meeting

           Tuesday 12th April  (traffic meeting) and 3rd May Annual PC meeting. 7pm at Callow Village Hall.




Signed: ________________________________            Date:_____________





Future Parish Council meeting dates:-         


Annual Meeting Tuesday May 3rd 7.00pm
  Tuesday June 7th 7.00pm



Ward Councillors March Report

Good Morning Everyone

Please find this month’s update.

Support for Ukraine

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is distressing and concerning and it’s a deeply saddening time to see the devastating impact of war on families and communities.  Herefordshire Council has collated resources together on the Talk Community Directory, to help Ukrainians, along with different ways that we can support each other.  There’s information on how you can donate to get urgent supplies to people fleeing Ukraine, and how to support children and young people who may have questions about the war or are seeking reassurance. The Ukraine support information can be found at www.talkcommunitydirectory.org/ukraine

Emergency number checklist

With the storms during February, many people were updating their emergency number checklist.  If your community experiences loss of power, each household should report it, so the providers have a clear picture of who is without power – this is especially important in rural communities. This can be done by calling 105.

Shop Local – £15 + £10 for every household within Herefordshire

To support local businesses and retailers, central government funding has allowed the council to launch the ‘Shop Local’ campaign. Every household within the county was able to apply for a £15 prepaid card to shop within the county and support local business to help them to recover from the economic impact of COVID-19.  A further £10 has been added to the cards and you have until the end of March to spend your money.  A few constituents have contacted me about issues activating or using their card.  For help see Shop Local – Herefordshire Council or call 01432 260027.

Latest Consultations and Resident Feedback


Full Council

The budget was debated at full council on 11 February and approved including a council tax increase of 2.99%, made up of a 1% adult social care precept which is ring-fenced to support the delivery of adult social care services and a 1.99% increase in core council tax which will fund all other areas of council service.  Due to the number of financial pressures on residents within my ward, I had supported a motion to apply a 0% council tax increase, however, this was unfortunately rejected by 27 members with only 22 members in support.  The 2.99% increase will represent an increase in the band D equivalent charge to £1,701.70 representing an increase of £0.95 per week (£4.12 a month).  The 2022/23 council tax and precepts were then set at full council on 4 March 2022.

Covid-19 update as of 9 March 2022

Case rates have decreased with the seven day rolling rate of new cases by specimen date ending on 9 March 2022 being 560.7 cases per 100k people compared with cases in England at 504.8 per 100k population.   For more information on Coronavirus see Herefordshire Council website and local data Understanding Herefordshire Covid-19 summary website


Neighbourhood Matters from West Mercia Police

Neighbourhood Matters enables residents, businesses and community groups to keep in touch with our local West Mercia Police teams and learn more about what they are doing in your community. It’s free to sign up and is a great way to know what’s happening in your area and what is being done about it.   You can choose to receive updates on crimes and latest information on on-going incidents. You can also hear about positive police action, good news stories and be able to play an active part in helping with public appeals.  To find out more and sign up, visit the Neighbourhood Matters website.


Highway or Footpath Defects
Rather than contacting the Locality Steward directly, please can I encourage you to report any defects and potholes by phone 01432 261800 or by logging onto the Herefordshire Council website https://www.herefordshire.gov.uk/info/200196/roads.

You can report the following items online: