Minutes May 2022

Callow & Haywood Group PARISH COUNCIL

Minutes of the Callow and Haywood Group Parish Council meeting held at Callow Village Hall, on Tuesday 3rd May 2022, commencing at 7:00pm.

MEMBERS PRESENT: Councillors Sandy Sharp (Vice Chair), Jules Hardy (also the Parish Footpaths Officer), Steve Williams and Scott Crawley

ALSO PRESENT: 2 Members of Public, Ward Councillor Christy Bolderson



No Item Description Action
21.01 ELECTION OF CHAIR Members nominated Cllr Neil Barrington, proposed Cllr Williams, seconded Cllr Hardy.


It was RESOLVED: to elect Cllr Neil Barrington as Chair.  In his absence, members agreed that the Declaration of Acceptance of Office form is signed at the June meeting.






Cllr Barrington

21.02 ELECTION OF VICE CHAIR Members nominated Cllr Sandy Sharp, proposed Cllr Williams, seconded Cllr Hardy.


It was RESOLVED: to elect Cllr Sandy Sharp as Vice Chair.  Cllr Sharp duly signed his Declaration of Acceptance of Office form.


21.03 APOLOGIES: Apologies were received and accepted from Cllrs Neil Barrington, Tony Priddle and Oliver Price.


21.04 DECLARATIONS OF INTEREST: There were no declarations of interest.

No requests for dispensation had been received.








A resident noted her concerns about planning consultation 221092, which included concerns that the road is being destabilised as the bank is being cut back.  Cllr Bolderson undertook to raise this with the Locality Steward.


Members received a report from Ward Councillor Christy Bolderson, as Appendix A:

·         HC are about to launch the Green Bin Campaign;

·         Nominations are being taken for the Reaching for the Stars Campaign;

·         Hereford Travel Survey will be available until 25th May;

·         COVID numbers have dropped dramatically in the county.















  21.05.3 Members received a report from Cllr Jules Hardy, Parish Footpaths Officer:

·         The system for reporting PROW issues has changed from BBLP to HC;

·         A PROW map was requested for the website.  Parishioners would be encouraged to report issues to Cllr Hardy as well as to HC directly so she can follow up any outstanding matters.










21.06 MINUTES: Members considered the Minutes of the meeting of full council on 15th March 2022. There were no amendments.


It was RESOLVED: to approve and sign them as a correct record.


  21.07.1 Outstanding Accounts:

It was RESOLVED: to approve the following payments:

·         Clerk, £618.00

·         Zurich Insurance, £254.96

·         HALC, £244.86

·         Information Commissioners Office, £40.00


Cheques were signed by Cllrs Sharp and Hardy.






Finance Report:

It was reported that the bank balance is currently £9,979.95.  The first precept payment for 2022/2023 of £4,125.00 has been received.






  21.07.3 S106:

Members considered spending the remaining £142.91 S106 funds or whether to donate them to Belmont Football Club. Expenditure is restricted to recreation capital items.


It was RESOLVED: to consider installing a bench or picnic table at Grafton Wood.  Cllr Hardy is to source quotations; Cllr Bolderson is to check with S.106 Officers that this is allowable.  Clerk to table an agenda item for June meeting.






Cllr Hardy


Cllr Bolderson



  21.07.4 Insurance:

Members considered the insurance renewal for 2022/2023.


It was RESOLVED: to renew with Zurich Insurance at a cost of £254.96.







  21.07.5 Subscriptions:

Members considered subscriptions for 2022/2023.


It was RESOLVED: to renew HALC and ICO subscriptions.






  21.07.6 Meeting Dates:

Members considered the meeting dates for 2022/2023.


It was RESOLVED: to continue meeting on the first Tuesday of each month, with the exception of August and January when there will be no meeting.  Meeting dates were approved as:

Tuesday 7th June 2022

Tuesday 5th July 2022

Tuesday 6th September 2022

Tuesday 4th October 2022

Tuesday 1st November 2022

Tuesday 6th December 2022

Tuesday 7th February 2023

Tuesday 7th March 2023

Tuesday 4th April 2023

Tuesday 2nd May 2023 (Annual Meeting of PC)













Annual Parish Meeting:

Members considered dates for the Annual Parish Meeting.


It was RESOLVED: to hold the meeting on Tuesday 17th May 2022 at 7pm at Callow Village Hall.  Growing Local and local groups would be asked to make a short presentation.






Cllr Barrington


21/08 PLANNING Council considered the following planning consultations received from Herefordshire Council
























221092: Timber Top, Callow, Herford, HR2 8DD.

Members consider the proposed additional first floor to bungalow and two storey extension.  A significant number of concerns were raised.

It was RESOLVED:  to OBJECT to the application.


221235: Land northeast of Prospect House, Much Dewchurch, HR2 8DG.

Members considered the proposed general purpose agricultural storage building. There were no particular objections.

It was RESOLVED: to MAKE A COMMENT noting that Council would not wish to see this agricultural building turn into a residential property in the future.


214144: Land at Grafton Lane, East of Glendale, Haywood, Wormside.

Members considered this re-consultation for the proposed erection of detached barn, stables and two holiday lodges with service inlet building. A number of concerns were raised.

It was RESOLVED:  to OBJECT to the application.


221046: Graftonbury Mews, Grafton Lane, Grafton, HR2 8BN.

Members considered the application for reserved matters.

It was RESOLVED:  to MAKE A COMMENT noting ongoing concerns about the continuous development and associated impact on residents.
































  21.09.1 Village Safety Initiative:

Members considered a grant opportunity from BBLP towards minor road safety schemes. The Clerk informed them that the deadline for applications had been extended to 9th May.

It was RESOLVED:  to submit the existing proposal, BBLP Reference CCM272 for £2012.97 plus VAT.












  21.09.2 Speeding:

Members did not feel able to consider this matter as both Cllrs Barrington and Priddle were absent.

It was RESOLVED: to defer to the June meeting.






  21.09.3 Defibrillator:

Members received a written report from Cllr Price. London Hearts are offering a further discount and a defibrillator and cabinet can be purchased for £1,225. £30 for a backing board and £150 for electrical installation, total cost is anticipated at £1,405. Members considered possible sites, querying visibility, security and access. Further queries were raised about training in the use of defibrillators.  The Clerk advised that Herefordshire Heartstart offer training sessions (no charge but donations welcomed).


It was RESOLVED: that Cllr Hardy continue communications with Ponthir Garage and report further at the next meeting.















Cllr Hardy

  21.09.04 Village Hall:

Members received a report from Cllr Crowley. The principal concern is one of recruiting more volunteers to take responsibility for particular roles (for example handyman).  Cllr Crowley has joined the Village Hall Committee as secretary and temporary treasurer. The Committee will spend the next year developing plans to make the Village Hall more viable. Concerns were raised about the restrictive size of the car park.  The Village Hall Committee are seeking support from the PC to keep the Village Hall an ongoing concern.


It was RESOLVED: that the PC would work with the VH to reopen negotiations with The Duchy to use adjacent land for car parking.  The Clerk will introduce Cllr Crowley to the two Village Hall Committees in Fownhope.
















Cllr Crowley



  21.10.1 There were no works to report.  Cllr Williams raised concerns about the grips on Grafton Lane and suggested a meeting with the Lengthsman. It was reported that BBLP have awarded CHGPC a grant of £4339.00 for drainage works.


It was RESOLVED: that the Clerk ask the outgoing Clerk for the drainage application that was submitted, seek quotations from the Lengthsman and table an agenda item to consider further once quotations are received.





Cllr Barrington






  21.10.2 Members considered the current position concerning HC’s Lengthsman and P3 Schemes for 2022/2023.


It was RESOLVED to join the scheme for 2022/2023 and noted that the outgoing Clerk had submitted the Expression of Interest.   The Clerk will ascertain the status of the Annual Maintenance Plan with BBLP.








The next Parish Council meeting will be held on Tuesday 7th June 2022 at 7.00pm at Callow Village Hall.


Items for the next agenda:

·         To consider the new bank account and signatories

·         To consider improvements to the website

·         To establish framework of Haywood and Callow Community Traffic Group and consider impact on PC

·         To receive HALC update on recruitment

·         To receive update on Callow Village Hall

·         To consider quotations for drainage grant

·         To receive update on defibrillator

·         To receive quotations for picnic bench (S106)


  CLOSE The meeting closed at 8.20pm


Signed by the Chairman:









Good Afternoon Everyone


It has been a bit more quite this month due to Easter and numerous holidays, however, please find this month’s update.


Green bin campaign 

The Green bin campaign ‘Getting it right’ aims to help people put the right items into green bins and clear recycling sacks.  Each year, the council’s recycler, Envirosort, has to reject 2,900 tonnes of material that can no longer be recycled because of things placed in the wrong bins. That’s enough rubbish to fill over 250 waste collection lorries.

The most common thing residents struggle with is what to do with plastic packaging. All plastics people can crush in their hand, including cling film, pet food pouches and crisp packets, need to go into general waste bags.  Food and unwashed food packaging is also unfit for recycling. All leftover food needs to go in with general waste. Firm food containers – like the plastic trays ready-meals are packaged in – need to be quickly rinsed before being put out with other recycling items. Other things not accepted in recycling bins and sacks include: Batteries, Black sacks and other soft plastics, Drinking glasses (plastic and glass), Electronic equipment, Food, Garden waste including flowers, Knives and saucepans, Nappies, Textiles and shoes and Tissues.  Black plastic also cannot be recycled yet as Envirosort’s scanning machines are unable to detect it.

Reaching for the stars
Do you know someone who lives in Herefordshire and did something special during the pandemic and went out of their way to help others during lockdown? If so, Herefordshire Council would like to hear about them via the reaching for the stars campaign.  These stars went largely unnoticed – they checked in on their neighbours to ensure they had everything they needed. They collected goods from shops and prescriptions from chemists. They spread good news to make others feel better. They volunteered and listened to others on the phone to keep loneliness at bay. They donated money, food, clothing and more. Submit your story on the Play Your Part website and view the archive of photographs from lockdown

Latest Consultations and Resident Feedback

  • Hereford Travel Survey – The survey, which is required as part of the Department for Transport Access Fund, will seek to provide data on changes to travel patterns, including changes during and post-pandemic, and the impact of more widespread home working. The data will support future travel and transport planning and will be shared with the Department for Transport. The online survey will run until Wednesday 25 May. It is open to anyone aged 16 and over who lives or works in the county.
  • Local Plan – Policy options consultation – The Local Plan 2021- 2041 will set out the planning framework for the county and will cover issues such as housing provision, the economy, retail and town centres, infrastructure provision and the environment. It will also set out policies by which planning applications will be determined, in addition to allocation land for housing, employment and other uses.  We have now reached the stage where consideration needs to be given to any policies that are to be included in the Local Plan. The responses received during this consultation, together with a number of evidence base studies, will help form the draft Local Plan. The consultation runs from 4 April 2022 until 16 May 2022.
  • Signs of Safety Survey – Survey to gather feedback about how well Herefordshire Council are working with children and young people and their families in the county. Consultation has been extended to Friday 13 May 2022.


Covid-19 update as of 23 April 2022

Case rates have increased from my last report with the seven day rolling rate of new cases by specimen date ending on 23 April 2022 being 248.4 cases per 100k people (down from 819.5 in my last report) compared with cases in England at 198.1 per 100k population.   For more information on Coronavirus see Herefordshire Council website and local data Understanding Herefordshire Covid-19 summary website


Neighbourhood Matters from West Mercia Police 

Neighbourhood Matters enables residents, businesses and community groups to keep in touch with our local West Mercia Police teams and learn more about what they are doing in your community. It’s free to sign up and is a great way to know what’s happening in your area and what is being done about it.   You can choose to receive updates on crimes and latest information on on-going incidents. You can also hear about positive police action, good news stories and be able to play an active part in helping with public appeals.  To find out more and sign up, visit the Neighbourhood Matters website.


Highway or Footpath Defects
Rather than contacting the Locality Steward directly, please can I encourage you to report any defects and potholes by phone 01432 261800 or by logging onto the Herefordshire Council website https://www.herefordshire.gov.uk/info/200196/roads.

You can report the following items online: