Minutes February 2020


Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting of Callow & Haywood Parish Council held at

 Callow Village Hall on Tuesday 4th February 2020



              Cllr. Tony Priddle (Chair)

              Cllr. David Malins (Vice Chair)

Cllr. Sandy Sharp

Cllr. Jules Hardy

Cllr. Peter Clegg (from 7.42 pm)

Cllr. Carol Lloyd


      In attendance:

Parish Clerk; Alison Wright, Ward Cllr Christy Bolderson and Tree Warden Ashley Elliott plus six members of the public





Apologies for absence

The Chair welcomed everyone to the Meeting. There were no apologies received.

Open Session with Public

There were also concerns raised about Dewsall Road where the repairs that had been carried out had broken up. The road required overall attention before the potholes were patched. The condition of Grafton Lane was also commented again and also Haywood Lane where on both lanes the edges of the highway were being broken down by large vehicles. The issues would be reported to the Public Realm Contractor.














Declarations of Interest

There were declarations for Cllr Priddle, Cllr. Sharp and Cllr Hardy regarding any matters relating to the Southern Link Road planning application number 151314.

3.0 Co-option of councillor

There was no co-option at the February meeting.

4.0 To Adopt Minutes of the Ordinary Parish Council Meeting held on January  7th  2020

The minutes of the meeting were signed as a true and correct record of the Ordinary Parish Council Meeting held on the 7th January 2020.




5.0 To Receive Reports from:

Ward Councillor:

Ward Cllr Christy Bolderson explained that she had spent most of her time during the last month on planning matters. The planning application for the gateway at Grafton Wood (192074) had been approved with conditions. The Ward Cllr was seeking referral to planning committee for the two outstanding planning applications for Gamber (193706 and 193707).

There had been an accident near to the Boardwalk in Haywood Lane and some of the fencing had been damaged.

The Ward Cllr updated regarding the referral of road defects and instances of fly tipping which had considerably increased. The budget is not sufficient to respond to the volume of defects logged.

A Task and Finish Group has been set up around governance and the idea of moving from a Cabinet system to an Executive Committee Structure for the Council was being looked at. The Council were seeking to increase public participation and a report on findings was expected by October 2020.

The Ward Cllr advised that the Local Enterprise Package funding of £27m for the Southern Link Road had “been pulled” and that there was a risk that the £3.8m already spent may be “clawed back”.



Golden Valley Bulletins had been circulated as received.


Locality Steward:

Bulletins had been circulated with updates of works undertaken.








6.0 Finance and policies

6.1)  To note bank balances

The current statement account balance stood at £10569.00.


6.2) To resolve to accept payments, as per listing

To resolve to accept payments as per listing:

Mrs A Wright (salary paid in accordance with contract for Jan)

HMRC (tax)                                                                                                            £64.20

HALC Subscription 2020 – 2021                                                                  £450.70

The payments were resolved to be paid unanimously.


6.3) Consideration of Smart Water initiative – to hear update on findings

This item was deferred until later in the year (three month review).

6.4) To discuss sponsorship request from Belmont Haywood Country Park

The request for support with the upkeep of the Country Park was considered and it was resolved to make a donation towards the costs of £100.00. Further donations would be subject to annual review.











7.0 Planning Matters

7.1) To consider applications as detailed:

APPLICATION NO & SITE ADDRESS: Planning Consultation – 194267 – Old Mushroom Farm, Haywood Ind Est, Callow, HR2 8BY

DESCRIPTION: Use of Land for the storage of 8 storage units each within their

own compound and security fencing.

APPLICANT(S): Messrs Jon Goodwin

GRID REF: OS 348385, 235217

APPLICATION TYPE: Planning Permission

The planning application 194267 was discussed again. A response had been received from the Planning Officer concerning previous request for clarification regarding the descriptions within the planning statement and the application which appeared to differ and also for further information on how the storage facilities would be marketed.

7.2) To consider any issues or developments concerning Planning Application 151314 Southern Link Road and update regarding meetings held with Herefordshire Council

No further information this time. Road plan on pause and review.


7.3) Mushroom Farm – update

Planning application 194267 was under further consideration of comments (item 7.1).


APPLICATION NO & SITE ADDRESS: Planning Consultation – 200024 – Old Mushroom Farm, Haywood Ind Est, Callow,  HR2 8BY

DESCRIPTION: Variation of Condition 5 of permission P142794/F (Use of the land for the standing of storage containers and associated wood store (retrospective)) – to allow plant, material and machinery to be deposited or stored outside stores or containers permitted on the land


Planning application 200024 was discussed and it was agreed that Cllr Malins would advise on response notes. The Parish Council would object to the proposals due to concerns about the adverse effect on the local transport situation.


7.4) Gamber, Grafton Lane – update including planning application

Planning applications to be commented.

APPLICATION NO & SITE ADDRESS: Planning Consultation – 200150 – New House Farm Barn, New House Farm, Grafton Lane, Grafton, Hereford, Herefordshire HR2 8BL

DESCRIPTION: Hardstanding and access road. The area is used for vehicular parking and access generally, short term holding of deliveries of materials and display of cut Christmas Trees for sale mid November to 24th December each year. (Retrospective)

APPLICANT(S): Gamber Logistics

GRID REF: OS 349622, 236365

APPLICATION TYPE:  Planning Permission

It was agreed that Cllr Malins would draft a response to planning application 200150 in conjunction with Cllrs Lloyd and Hardy.

7.5) To discuss revision of the Neighbourhood Development Plan (meeting refers)

It was agreed that it would make sense for the Parish Council to see the determinations made in the revised Core Strategy, Local Area Plan. The item would be on the Agenda for March 2020. The Ward Cllr advised that if the land supply fell below three years then the weight given to parish Neighbourhood Development Plans was negated.




































Speeding in the Parish

To receive any update – and including

Knocker Hill and A49 Access issues

The Chair updated regarding recent correspondence with the Police Traffic Management Advisor who had stated that he had taken matters to the garages and made suggestions to try to keep the areas, as identified, clear.

A watching brief would be kept on whether the recommendations were implemented but no permanent hatched areas would be created to prevent parking.


Herefordshire Council negotiations on rat running and speeding etc.

No further update at this stage.


Update on legacy TRO matters as notified

Parking and traffic TRO information being reviewed:

1) Potential parking restrictions in the vicinity of the junction between Grafton Lane and the A49 at Callow.

2) Potential 7.5t Weight Restrictions on various roads in the vicinity of Portway, Haywood and Callow.

Two parish councillors had met with the Highway subcontractor engineers, the aim of number 1) was to try to prevent parking on the road near to the garages – plan for double yellow lines. There were concerns raised about pushing the parking further up the road. Cllr Priddle would ascertain how far the lines would extend up the road.

With regard to number 2) the aim was limiting HGV traffic on Haywood Lane and some adjoining roads. There would be need for further signage down Tram Inn Lane. Even of the SLR did not proceed there could still be a debate for access only for Haywood Lane. The Grafton Lane issue with HGV also needed reiterating and Cllr Priddle would communicate with the Engineering Team.


























Cllr Priddle






Cllr Priddle

9.0 Village Matters

  • Tree Warden Report

The Tree Warden had produces a leaflet for Why Plant a Tree 2020. He explained about the current instruction not to cut down Ash Trees if they were not actually diseased. They could be resistant to the die back disease and may form part of the trees that survive. The Ward Councillor was looking into tree planting policy with a view to planting more trees. The Tree Warden explained his concerns about the recent granting of planning permission for the Knocker Hill gateway application. The Tree Warden then advised that he was resigning as Tree Warden for the parish with immediate effect.


  • Haywood Lane –  Rail Track fencing – update

Cllr Clegg advised that matters had been followed up and were now awaiting action to be taken. Remove item from Agenda.


  • Hereford Centre for Community Led Housing

Cllr Lloyd advised that the PC would be awaiting the outcomes of the NDP revision before further progress of this agenda item.


  • Parish Litter Pick

The local resident who had co-ordinated the parish litter pick in previous years very kindly offered to do so again. The kits would be ordered from Balfour Beatty and collected by the co-ordinator on 9th March. There would be an effort made to get more people involved and the official pick would be on Saturday 14th March with picking throughout the previous week as and when people could do this. Collection up of bags would be on 15th March.





























Parish Roads and Footpaths

10.1) To note any defects to be reported to Balfour Beatty.

Grafton Lane – road surface, potholes on Dewsall Road, road left past the Church and erosion of verges and roadside, caused by HGV, on Grafton Lane and Haywood Lane. Potholes at Knocker Hill Junction.

A wish was expressed for there to be a parish walkabout with the Locality Steward. The grit bin had not been replaced by Merryhill Cottage, Grafton Lane. The sign for the public footpath opposite Roman Byre on Haywood Lane had rotted. ‘


10.2) To put forward work for the Lengthsman

To report that the Grips on the Old Callow Road required clearing (road past Church House and the Church) plus a general maintenance day of drain, gully etc. clearance required.
















11.0 Information Sheet and Correspondence

10.1)        To note Information and Correspondence Sheet

The following items were noted:


Herefordshire Council   Various, as circulated including:

·         Get your town and parish council ready for the Great British Spring Clean.

·         Hereford Transport Package and South Wye Transport Package decision



  • Subscription due for 2020 – 2021
  • Climate Change Workshops near you!















12.0 Matters to be raised on the Agenda of the next Meeting

All usual items to be on the Agenda for March plus Bullingham planning application 194402  and Neighbourhood Plan revision






13.0 Confirmation of date of next Meeting

The next Parish Council Meeting would be held on Tuesday 3rd March 2020 from 7.00pm in the Callow Village Hall.


Confirmation of future Parish Council Meeting Dates for 2020:

Further Meetings for 2020 would be held on: 5 May, 9 June, 7 July, 1 September, 6 October, 3 November. All meetings from 7.00 pm in the Callow Village Hall.


Website link: https://callowhaywoodpc.org.uk/





The meeting closed at 8.40 pm



Signed: ……………………………………………Chair                       Date……………………..