Minutes November 2018


Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting of Callow & Haywood Parish Council held at

 Callow Village Hall on Tuesday 6th November 2018



              Cllr. Sophie Glover (Chair)

Cllr. Hugh Bryant

Cllr. David Malins

Cllr. Sandy Sharp

Cllr. Tony Priddle (Vice Chair)


      In attendance:

Parish Clerk; Alison Wright, Ward Cllr; Jon Johnson and five members of the public





Apologies for absence

The Chair welcomed everyone to the Meeting. There were apologies received from Cllr. Clegg.


Open Session with Public

The question of planning application 182130 regarding the proposed conversion of New House Barn for offices for Gambers was raised. This application would be discussed by Planning Committee on 21/11/18. There may be a site meeting held on 20/11/18. The Parish Council had been minded to object to the proposal originally for the reasons as commented at the time. It was resolved that the Parish Council would collate a response to the proposal and that Cllr Bryant would speak to the decision meeting on behalf of the Callow & Haywood Group Parish Council. It was agreed that if the Committee were minded to pass the application then restrictions to manage intensification of traffic usage on the lane would be requested.

The Clerk would advise the Planning Committee Officer of the intention by Callow & Haywood Group Parish Council to speak at the planning meeting.


It was advised that there was a marked pothole outside Merry Hill Barns near to the brow of the hill that required attention.


Plans for the Armistice Commemoration on Saturday 24/11/18 were noted.













Cllr Bryant








Declarations of Interest

There were declarations for Cllr. Shaw and Cllr Priddle regarding any matters relating to the Southern Link Road planning application number 151314.

3.0 Co-option of Councillors

There were no new co-options. One vacancy still exists. The Chair advised that there may be a candidate for co-option at the January Meeting. There would also be a speaker (Chair of Walford PC) to attend to present strategies that had been used regarding the “Loneliness Programme”.




4.0 To Adopt Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on October 9th 2018

The minutes of the meeting were signed as a true and correct record of the Parish Council Meeting held on the 9th October 2018.


5.0 To Receive Reports from:

Ward Councillor:

Ward Cllr Jon Johnson advised regarding the new way of reporting defects to Balfour Beatty using a new app. Defects could be pinpointed to an exact location.

There had been lots of new investment into fixing road issues and further Challenge Funding had been successfully obtained to help with the cost of this.

The First Parish Council Summit evening had been a success with 100 councillors attending. It had been a good evening with two way conversation taking place. The pressures on councils were recognised and ways of working together were discussed. The Parish Councils need to “have a voice”.

The Herefordshire Council had produced a balanced budget and was described as a “financially stable authority.”

Ward Cllr Johnson would be meeting with Richard Ball and Mairead Lane on 26/11/18 to discuss the Southern Link Road.



Golden Valley Bulletins had been circulated as received. There was a new PCSO in post. Crime trends had been reported and included the theft of several quad bikes.


Locality Steward:

Bulletins had been circulated.



6.0 Finance and policies

6.1)  To note bank balances

The current account balance stood at £14450.85.

6.2) To resolve to accept payments, as per listing

To resolve to accept payments as per listing and including:

Mrs A Wright (salary Nov 18 £246.16 expenses £22.46)             £268.62

HMRC (tax)                                                                                                    £61.40

Mrs A Wright (salary Dec 18 £246.16 expenses £43.50)             £289.66

HMRC (tax)                                                                                                    £61.40

                                                                                                   Total         £681.08


The payments were resolved to be paid unanimously.


6.3) To discuss budget and precept considerations for 2019 – 2020

The budget and precept were discussed and it was agreed that a precept of £7000.00 should be requested for 2019 – 2020. It was agreed that a forecast review would take place in September 2019 to look at requirements for the next year ahead as regards expenditure forecast.

The precept was proposed by Cllr Glover and seconded by Cllr Malins and carried unanimously. The precept request would be submitted to the Finance Department at Herefordshire Council by the Clerk.



























 Planning Matters

7.1) To consider applications as detailed:

Planning Consultation – 183815 – proposed works to trees covered by a Tree Preservation Order

The Parish Council considered the proposal in application 183815 and agreed that it should be supported.

Planning Consultation – 182130 – Proposed change of use of residential dwelling to office accommodation

The Parish Council considered the proposal in application 182130 and it was agreed that a representation would be presented to the Planning Committee by Cllr Bryant.

7.2) To consider any issues or developments concerning Planning Application 151314 Southern Link Road and update regarding meetings held with Herefordshire Council

The Public Inquiry into the Compulsory Purchase Orders was ongoing. The appointed Inspector has the power to say if there is “something wrong”. The CPO’s are required to be justified and there has to be a compelling case in the public interest. “The Local Authority has to demonstrate the project has chance of going ahead.” The PC was advised that the Inquiry Chairman was “seeing fair play”. There was not believed to be a “business case as such and the costing information had been provided by a previous Public Realm Service Provider.”

The Ward Cllr left the meeting at 7.45pm.

It was advised by an observer that there were reported ongoing issues with the woodlands affected by the SLR and compensation/mitigation.






























8.0 Speeding in the Parish and update regarding Consultancy Project

A technical note was in preparation by the Consultant and would form part of a proposal to be put forward to Herefordshire Council. The Report would look at “rat running” and similar other problems in the community. The required evidential information had been supplied to the Consultant with the help of the Parish Council. Analysis of traffic flow and potential for increase in said flow plus the avoidance of delays were all part of the brief. The combined effect of distance and travel time was believed likely to lead to increased incidence of “rat running”. There would also be recommendations regarding possible use of signage regarding HGV restriction and access arrangements. Traffic Regulation Orders would support these recommendations and would be introduced soon after, or possibly during, the SLR construction.

Cllrs Glover and Priddle would be meeting with the Consultant and representatives of Herefordshire Council with reference to the Data Document. It was commented by a resident that they did not feel that speeding had been done full justice in the report. They also did not feel that full emphasis had been given to saturation of traffic on Knocker Hill. It was agreed that the Consultant should be asked to strengthen the speeding element of the report.

It was also resolved not to send representation from the Parish Council to the Public Inquiry.









Village Matters

  • Tree Warden Report

The Tree Warden expressed concern regarding the leaning state of a Cedar Tree by the Merry Hill Barns.


  • Broadband issues – update

A Launch Party would be held at the Callow Village Hall on 30/11/18.


  • Fly tipping at Haywood Lane and Rail Track fencing – update

Information on this had been received. A television had been dumped recently at the location.













10.0 Parish Roads and Footpaths

10.1) To note any defects to be reported to Balfour Beatty.

Pot hole by Merry Hill as mentioned in Public Session. A repeater sign post showing 40 mph had been “obliterated.”


10.2) To put forward work for the Lengthsman

Routine and grit bin filling.





11.0 Information Sheet and Correspondence

11.1)  To note Information and Correspondence Sheet

The contents of the information sheet were noted. They included:

Police update: New PCSO is now on board and PCSO Lowri Anderson has transferred. Dates of 2019 Parish Council Meetings have been sent to the Police for their information. New PCSO details below:

PCSO Carol Marsh

SNT Hereford City Southside and Rural


07890 524667



Anthony Bush, Parish Liaison and Rural Services Officer is leaving on the 15th November and has been replaced by newly appointed and titled Local Resources and Assets Officer Philippa Lydford

Email plydford@herefordshire.gov.uk

Telephone 01432 261640








12.0 Matters to be raised on the Agenda of the next Meeting

All usual items to be on the Agenda for January. Also the location of a Dog Waste Bin. Cllr Malins would meet with the correspondent to discuss and Cllr Glover would contact the Lengthsman regarding previous notification of a bin possibly being available. Also on Agenda: Loneliness Initiative.



Cllr Malins

Cllr Glover

13.0 Confirmation of date of next Meeting

The next Ordinary Parish Council Meeting would be held on Tuesday 8th January 2019 from 7.00pm in the Callow Village Hall.


Confirmation of Parish Council Meeting Dates for 2019:

Meetings would be held on:

Jan 8th, Feb 5th, March 5th, May 7th, June 4th, July 2nd, Sept 3rd, Oct 8th, Nov 5th.


No meeting in April, August or December. All meetings from 7.00 pm in the Callow Village Hall.






The meeting closed at 8.40 pm



Signed: ……………………………………………Chair                       Date…………………