Minutes October 2019


Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting of Callow & Haywood Parish Council held at

 Callow Village Hall on Tuesday 8th October 2019



              Cllr. Tony Priddle (Chair)

              Cllr. David Malins (Vice Chair)

Cllr. Sandy Sharp

Cllr. Peter Clegg

Cllr. Carol Lloyd

Cllr. Jules Hardy


      In attendance:

Parish Clerk; Alison Wright and Ward Cllr; Christy Bolderson plus Estelle Stock from West Mercia Police (for part) and five members of the public





Apologies for absence

The Chair welcomed everyone to the Meeting. There were no apologies received.

Open Session with Public

It was commented that traffic had increased considerably around the area, especially HGV traffic.

There was a thank you for the prompt repairs and refurbishment of the Knocker Hill junction Notice Board which was back in place. There was also a thank you recorded to all those who had worked to bring the community broadband venture (Hereford & Community Networks) on line and provision of the service was being extended to as many people as possible.

There was a request for the link to the website to be in the minutes.

There would be a concert held in Dewsall Church on 19/10/19 from 7.00 pm to see Octavo. Tickets £10.00.














Declarations of Interest

There were declarations for Cllr Priddle, Cllr. Sharp, Cllr Lloyd and Cllr Hardy regarding any matters relating to the Southern Link Road planning application number 151314.

3.0 Co-option of councillor

There was no co-option at the October meeting.

4.0 To Adopt Minutes of the Ordinary Parish Council Meeting held on September  3rd  2019

The minutes of the meeting were signed as a true and correct record of the Ordinary Parish Council Meeting held on the 3rd September 2019.




5.0 To Receive Reports from:

Ward Councillor:

Ward Cllr Christy Bolderson was in attendance.  The Ward Cllr advised that the Parish Summit held on the 20th September had been well attended. The Hereford Transport Package was on pause and review. Recommendations had been made by the Scrutiny Committee and a response was expected from the Cabinet Member John Harrington. There had been a Challenge Fund application made for £5 million to pay for improvements and repairs to the B4348. It was commented that the Grafton Lane road surface requires attention. Potholes had been filled down to Dewsall but the road surface was crumbling away. The Locality Steward had reviewed the situation.

Climate Change workshops were planned as Herefordshire works towards further reducing the carbon footprint of the county. A 40% carbon reduction target had already been exceeded. The Ward Cllr would be looking into recent correspondence from Cllr Sharp with Mairead Lane.



Golden Valley Bulletins had been circulated as received.

Estelle Stock from West Mercia Police gave a presentation on Smart Water and “We don’t buy Crime” explaining how property marking initiatives were helping to deter thefts of personal items. Conviction rates for items marked with Smart Water were achieving a 100% success rate. Estelle would circulate further information on the scheme and likely costs for consideration. There could be a 25% subsidy on the cost achieved for a bulk parish purchase. The number of households in the parish would be ascertained.


Locality Steward:

Bulletins had been circulated.

6.0 Finance and policies

6.1)  To note bank balances

The current account balance stood at £9042.48.


6.2) To resolve to accept payments, as per listing

To resolve to accept payments as per listing:

Mrs A Wright (salary paid in accordance with contract)

HMRC (tax)                                                                                                            £64.40

HALC (Web hosting and domain name)                                                       £66.00                                                                                                            


The payments were resolved to be paid unanimously.


6.3) To discuss budget and precept request for 2020 – 2021

The idea of building up a contingency fund was commented. Cllr Sharp and the Clerk to look at the figures.









Clerk/Cllr Sharp

7.0 Planning Matters

7.1) To consider applications as detailed:

APPLICATION NO & SITE ADDRESS: Planning Consultation – 192833 – Old Mushroom Farm, Haywood Industrial Estate, Callow, Herefordshire, HR2 8BY

DESCRIPTION: Change of use of land for the storage of LPG Gas including

proposed tanks, associated buildings and portacabins and security fencing.

GRID REF: OS 348242, 235351

APPLICATION TYPE: Planning Permission


The Parish Council discussed the application 192833 and resolved to comment as follows: The Callow & Haywood Group Parish Council have considered the proposals in planning consultation 192833 and wish to comment that there are concerns about any increase to traffic movements on the Haywood Lane, and village road network, due to capacity issues and, in particular, the type of cargo being transported (toxic gas) using large vehicles on an already busy road system.


APPLICATION NO & SITE ADDRESS: Planning Consultation – 193169 – 1 Grafton Court Close, Grafton, Hereford, Herefordshire HR2 8BL

DESCRIPTION: Proposed removal of the existing single storey element of the house and constructing a wider 2 storey side extension.

GRID REF: OS 349620, 237203

APPLICATION TYPE: Full Householder


The Parish Council discussed the application 193169 and resolved to comment in support of the proposals.

7.2) To consider any issues or developments concerning Planning Application 151314 Southern Link Road and update regarding meetings held with Herefordshire Council (to include recent correspondence

The situation regarding alterations to the planning consent for the SLR, since it was granted, were discussed including changes to the railway bridge height, base size, angle of embankment and other matters. It was agreed that Cllr Sharp would draft a letter of concern, for approval by all councillors, and which would then be sent to the Planning Authority, Herefordshire Council. Any changes to the design should be “subject to appropriate planning process.”

7.3) Mushroom Farm – update

Planning application in progress – item 7.1)


7.4) Car storage at Haywood Lodge Farm – update

It was agreed that a letter would be sent to Kevin Bishop in Planning at Herefordshire Council regarding the recent enquiries and establishment of a precise boundary for the storage of cars at Haywood Lodge Farm.


7.5) Gamber car park, Grafton Lane – update

There had been extensive correspondence between parish councillors and the Enforcement Officer. It was agreed that a letter would be set to Kevin Bishop in Planning at Herefordshire Council regarding the absence of planning permission for the newly made car park and the concerns going forward as regards activity on the site.





































Cllr Sharp


















Speeding in the Parish

To receive any update – As at the date of the meeting the Parish Council were awaiting a response to an enquiry, as sent by the Traffic Consultant to Herefordshire Council.





9.0 Village Matters

  • Tree Warden Report

The Tree Warden had sent his report regarding the tree issues at Knocker Hill in regard to the entrance splay application. Herefordshire Council were waiting for information from the applicant regarding the Knocker Hill Gateway and the Planning Officer would be back in touch when things progressed.

  • Fly tipping at Haywood Lane and Rail Track fencing update

Cllr Clegg advised that following contact with Rail Track, the fencing situation on Haywood Lane was now listed for “official action”. Plans were available to be viewed at public level. The situation had been listed for assessment on two counts, the threat of trespass and the issue of safety. It was noted that the issue of fly-tipping at the location had ceased currently. It was noted that there was a request for liaison with the Parish Council before further action regarding the fencing was taken.

  • Response and update regarding Parking at the Callow Garages

A response had been received containing details of contact managers at the garage sites. The Parish Council would continue to liaise with Ian Connolly the Traffic Management Advisor regarding safety and visibility splays at the Callow Garages.















Cllr Clegg








Parish Roads and Footpaths

10.1) To note any defects to be reported to Balfour Beatty.

Grafton Lane – road surface

10.2) To put forward work for the Lengthsman

To be notified. Cllr Lloyd liaising with Ward Cllr Bolderson







11.0 Information Sheet and Correspondence

10.1)        To note Information and Correspondence Sheet

The following items were noted:


Herefordshire Council   Various, as circulated including:

  • Election expenses forms reminder – nil breakdown return required as well as the summary sheet.
  • Public Vote for Herefordshire’s Official Flag – Message to Parish Council’s
  • Children & Young People’s Showcase
  • Remittance Advice : 18/09/2019 Parish Precept
  • Public Green Spaces Grant


  • Follow up from Bruce Bamber regarding submission on road findings and TRO’s to Mairead Lane. No response from ML to date.

·         Letter received from Motorline regarding customer parking which will be presented at the Meeting. This followed letters sent by the Parish Council and Ian Connolly the Traffic Management Advisor.

·         Response from SM-NE-Consultations (NE) regarding Planning Consultation P183797/F – Knocker Hill, Hereford

·         Correspondence concerning installation of “temporary” car – park at Gamber, Grafton Lane

·         Correspondence regarding micro-light activity. Cllr Priddle had made enquiries regarding light aircraft details and would forward his findings to the correspondent.


Elections Update

The PC can still co-opt at the October 2019 Meeting.

























Cllr Priddle

12.0 Matters to be raised on the Agenda of the next Meeting

All usual items to be on the Agenda for November plus Smart Water and budget and precept.






13.0 Confirmation of date of next Meeting

The next Parish Council Meeting would be held on Tuesday 5th November 2019 from 7.00pm in the Callow Village Hall.


Confirmation of future Parish Council Meeting Dates for 2019:

Further Meetings would be held on: November 5th.

No meeting in December. All meetings from 7.00 pm in the Callow Village Hall.


Website link: https://callowhaywoodpc.org.uk/





The meeting closed at 8.40 pm



Signed: ……………………………………………Chair                       Date……………………..