Minutes September 2018


Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting of Callow & Haywood Parish Council held at

 Callow Village Hall on Tuesday 4th September 2018



              Cllr. Sophie Glover (Chair)

Cllr. Tony Priddle (Vice chair)

Cllr. Hugh Bryant

Cllr. Sandy Sharp


      In attendance:

Parish Clerk; Alison Wright, and four members of the public





Apologies for absence

The Chair welcomed everyone to the Meeting. There were apologies received from the Ward Cllr. Jon Johnson plus Cllr. David Malins and Cllr. Peter Clegg


Open Session with Public

A representative of the Callow Hall Committee advised that the Hall were looking for help as the new floor was being laid. There was a brief discussion about the need for hedge removal in planning terms and protection to be afforded to hedgerows. Hedges should not just be removed.

The Public Open Session closed at 7.05pm.









Declarations of Interest

There were declarations for Cllr. Bryant, Cllr. Priddle, and Cllr. Sharp regarding any matters relating to the Southern Link Road planning application number 151314.

3.0 Co-option of Councillors

There were no new co-options. One vacancy still exists.




4.0 To Adopt Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on July 3rd 2018

The minutes of the meeting were signed as a true and correct record of the Parish Council Meeting held on the 3rd July 2018.


5.0 To Receive Reports from:

Ward Councillor:

Ward Cllr Jon Johnson had sent his apologies. He had sent a report regarding issues at the Callow garages and parking along Knocker Hill.



Golden Valley Bulletins had been circulated as received.


Locality Steward:

Bulletins had been circulated.



6.0 Finance and policies

6.1)  To note bank balances

The current account balance stood at £11811.81 and the Community Projects account had been successfully closed with the balance being transferred to the current account.

6.2) To resolve to accept payments, as per listing

To resolve to accept payments as per listing and including:

Clerk salary and expenses Sept                                           £380.96

HMRC (tax)                                                                                  £77.00

T Griffiths P3 (TGC0493)                                                      £300.00

T Griffiths P3 (TGC0492)                                                      £180.00

                                                                                 Total         £937.96


The payments were resolved to be paid unanimously.


6.3) To discuss an increase in hall hire charges (hourly rate for PC)

The hall hire charge paid by the PC was discussed and it was agreed to increase the hourly rate paid by the PC from £10 per hour or £20 per session to a three hour charge (£30) from October 2018.


6.4) To begin budget and precept considerations for 2019 – 2020

The councillors would “put feelers out” and the Finance Sub Committee would meet to discuss proposals for expenditure. Possible election costs and consultancy expenses would be budget considerations.




















 Planning Matters

7.1) To consider applications as detailed:

Update: The Mushroom Farm bund had been approved and consent given.

The shepherd hut retrospective application would be considered in October.

7.1.1) Planning Consultation – 182314 – the points made by other individuals would be considered and any possible contribution from the PC collated.

7.1.2)Planning Consultation – 182130 – New House Farm, New House Farm Barn, Grafton Lane, Grafton, Herefordshire, HR2 8BL

Description: Proposed change of use of residential dwelling to office accommodation.

Planning Permission

No response had been forthcoming regarding previous points made. There were questions around the treatment of hedges at the location and the absence of a site plan with screening etc. was a concern. A proper site appraisal would be required. There was concern about intensive lorry usage on a country lane.

7.1.3)Planning Consultation – 182041 – Stirling of Hereford, Callow, Hereford, HR2 8BT

Description: Change of use to include the installation of a Class III/IV MOT Test Station within the existing workshop of an established Motor Vehicle Dealership

Planning Permission

Concerns were expressed regarding possible noise nuisance for residents, parking and drains overflowing onto the highway.


Planning Consultation 182778 – High Ridge, Twyford, HR2 8AD, link extension and proposed change of use of garage to living accommodation

Planning Permission

The vehicular access and drive were not shown and the elevation references were incorrect. There was no design access statement. It was felt that more information was required. The “dark skies” (minimisation of light pollution) policy was mentioned.

7.2) To consider any issues or developments concerning Planning Application 151314 Southern Link Road and update regarding meetings held with Herefordshire Council

Meetings and consultant review were ongoing. More detail under Item 8.


7.3) Public Enquiry – to consider any Parish Council submission

Regarding Compulsory Purchase Orders (30th October 2018)

There has been some question as to whether this enquiry would be proceeding. Nothing was confirmed to the contrary as at the date of the PC meeting.





































8.0 Speeding in the Parish and update regarding Consultancy Project

An update of progress to date of meeting was given including review of traffic flow speeds on Haywood and Grafton Lanes. Modelling undertaken in 2015 had been revisited. Some signage opportunities were being suggested with “access only” and yellow route possibilities to limit HGV access through Callow and Dewsall being considered. Other methods to reduce rat running impact were being looked at, some legally enforceable, some not so. It was agreed that there should be a Working Party Meeting prior to the Herefordshire Council Meeting with the Consultant. This would take place at Haywood Lodge on Thursday 13th September at 7.30pm. The Clerk would advise absent parties.















Village Matters

  • Tree Warden Report

The Tree Warden was not in attendance. Many Ash Trees had now been observed to be suffering from Ash Die Back Disease.

  • Broadband issues – update

Twyford Broad band was up and running. A celebration event for this would be held.

  • Fly tipping at Haywood Lane and Rail Track fencing – update

The representative of Rail Track had been contacted again but was away at present. A response to update on the position was awaited.











10.0 Parish Roads and Footpaths

10.1) To note any defects to be reported to Balfour Beatty.

Overhanging hedge in Grafton Lane to be advised regarding obstruction. Details of exact house location to be advised.

10.2) To put forward work for the Lengthsman

The Lengthsman had identified a number of issues in a written report (circulated) upon which the PC asked the Clerk to instruct the Lengthsman to undertake remedial action.










11.0 Information Sheet and Correspondence

11.1)  To note Information and Correspondence Sheet

The contents of the information sheet were noted. These included Cabinet Update, Dog fouling signage, Children and Young People’s Plan Consultation.

Some other items were noted: Feedback from the HC and Consultant Working Together Meeting, HALC – Green paper on Adult Social Care and Wellbeing (Cllr Priddle to circulate this green paper information)

Feedback from Footpath Officer Briefing







Cllr Priddle

12.0 Matters to be raised on the Agenda of the next Meeting

All usual items to be on the Agenda for October. Also feedback on Highways Consultant and Herefordshire Council Meeting.





13.0 Confirmation of date of next Meeting

The next Ordinary Parish Council Meeting would be held on Tuesday 9th October 2018 from 7.00pm in the Callow Village Hall.






The meeting closed at 8.12pm


Signed: ……………………………………………Chair                       Date……………………..