Draft Minutes

Callow & Haywood Group

23rd June 2022 7:00pm

MEMBERS PRESENT: Councillors Neil Barrington (Chair), Sandy Sharp (Vice Chair), Jules Hardy (also the Parish footpaths officer), Steve Williams, Scott Crowley

ALSO PRESENT: 15 Members of Public, Ward Councillor Christy Bolderson



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21.31 APOLOGIES: Apologies were RECEIVED and ACCEPTED from Cllrs Tony Priddle and Oliver Price
21.32 DECLARATIONS OF INTEREST: Cllr Sandy Sharp DECLARED a DPI at the start of item 5.1 and left the meeting until the meeting had closed.
  21.33.1 – A summary of the NDP timeline was given by a parishioner

– The ‘correct’ interpretation of CH9 (as according to a parishioner) was explained.

– Parishioners were given the opportunity to speak throughout the meeting.  Various queries were raised.


During the meeting parishioners were urged to take part in Herefordshire Councils ongoing Core Strategy Review consultations.  The current consultation taking place is “Place Shaping” and can be found under the following link:


  21.34.1 Cllrs Jules Hardy, Scott Crowley and Steve Williams were APPROVED as signatories on the Unity account.
  21.35.1 NDP: To approve the “Statement of Clarification” on the Parish Council interpretation of NDP Policy CH9 for submitting alongside every planning comment.


The clerk was asked to advise on the legality of the NDP and the interpretation statement being discussed this evening.


She confirmed:

–       No changes could be made to the document as it had been lawfully made.

–       The planning department at Herefordshire Council would not be obliged to take notice of any interpretation statement.

–       The Council needed to be confident that they were making an interpretation based on the opinion of the majority of the parishioners as a whole, as the NDP had been made following a lawfully held referendum that the parishioners had voted on.

–       She confirmed that the NDP process had been lawfully followed as the examiner would not have been able to recommend it went to referendum if it had not been.


It was RESOLVED that the Parish Council would like to write an interpretation statement of Policy CH9.


A further vote was taken and it was RESOLVED that the “statement of interpretation” should go to all parishioners for a ballot before it was formally approved.


Another vote was taken and it was RESOLVED that the “Statement of Interpretation” drawn up by the clerk should be the one to go to consultation. (Appendix 1)


Finally, it was RESOLVED that a draft of this “Statement of Interpretation” should be included alongside any planning comment that the Parish Council make while the consultation is going on, making clear that it is a draft statement.

21.36 CLOSE The meeting closed at 20.45

Appendix 1 – 23rd June 2022 Agenda item 5.1

It is intended that the following statement be submitted with every Parish Council planning comment henceforth.


Statement of Clarification:

It is believed that NDP Policy CH9 has caused confusion in the determination of planning applications in the area.

The Parish Council’s interpretation of this policy is that it applies to all areas within the parishes and not just Grafton.  Removing the words “of Grafton” in paragraph 1 and 2 when reading clarifies this.

Likewise in paragraph 3, the first sentence should be read as “and Grafton” following “Twyford Common Area”.

Although the wording is legally unable to be changed, if the policy is read with the above interpretation in mind, it is believed that a more consistent approach to planning application determinations can be applied.