Draft Minutes September 2020


Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting of Callow & Haywood Parish Council held via Zoom on Thursday 3rd September 2020 from 7.00 pm



              Cllr. Tony Priddle (TP) (Chair)

Cllr. Sandy Sharp (SS)(from 7.10 )

Cllr. Jules Hardy (JH)

Cllr. Peter Clegg (PC)

Cllr. Oliver Price (OP)

Cllr. Steve Williams (SW)


      In attendance:

Parish Clerk; Sophie Glover and two members of the public, Patrick Lewis (Gamber), Angie Gibbs (AG).


  The meeting started at 7pm Actions



Apologies for absence

The Chair welcomed everyone to the Meeting. Ward Cllr Christy Bolderson did not attend.

Open Session with Public

Mr Lewis from Gamber was present on Zoom. He invited any Cllrs to come and look round the Gambers site on Grafton Lane.

A member of the public asked for BB to come and remove the old signage from Tram Inn Lane and Haywood Lane.

Action: Clerk to contact BB to arrange this.












2.0 Declarations of Interest

There were declarations for Cllr Priddle, Cllr. Sharp and Cllr Hardy regarding any matters relating to the Southern Link Road planning application number 151314.

Action: To add the Grafton Lane residents to long standing declarations of interest from the October meeting.







3.0 To Adopt Minutes of the Ordinary Parish Council Meeting held on July 7th 2020 via Zoom

The minutes of the meeting were signed as a true and correct record of the Ordinary Parish Council Meeting held on the 7th July 2020, via Zoom.  All agreed.

The minutes from the extraordinary meeting will be circulated shortly by PC.

Action: PC to circulate minutes.









4.0 Action points from previous meetings

4.1   Departure of clerk Alison Wright and appointment of new clerk Sophie Glover. The Chair passed on his thanks to the outgoing clerk for her sterling work, specifically over the SLR.  The new clerk, Mrs Sophie Glover, was introduced.

4.2  Rail track fencing and Haywood Lane

TP and PC were meant to action this after the July meeting, but other events overtook them and no further progress was made. They will move on this in the next month.

Action: TP and PC to contact Rail Track.











5.0 To Receive Reports from:

Ward Councillor:

Ward Cllr Christy Bolderson had not sent a specific report for this meeting.

TP mentioned a letter from the leader of the Council about the transport strategy review. It is due to be completed by the end of September.

Action: TP to contact her to ask for her to fill in some more details


Golden Valley Bulletins had been circulated as received.


Locality Steward:

Bulletins had been circulated with updates of works undertaken.









6.0 Co-option of councillors(s)

To discuss the co-option process prior to the October Parish Council meeting – cllrs all felt comfortable with their understanding of the process.

7.0 Finance and policies

6.1)  To note bank balances

The current statement account balance stood at £9,545.49


6.2) To resolve to accept payments, as per listing

To resolve to accept payments as per listing:

Mrs A Wright (salary paid in accordance with contract)             £ 505.77

HMRC (tax)                                                                                                 £ 118.00

HALC (web hosting and services)                                                        £   66.00               £689.77


The payments were resolved to be paid unanimously.

8.0 Planning Matters

 8.1) Planning Re-consultation – 193042 – Land north and south of Grafton Lane, Hereford, HR2 8BJ

DESCRIPTION: Outline application for residential development (with all matters reserved except for access), footway/cycleway and vehicle turning head, stopping up and re-routing of a short section of Grafton Lane, near the A49, public open space, landscaping and associated infrastructure works (AMENDED PLANS and  ADDITIONAL SUPPORTING DOCUMENTS).

CHGPC have already objected to this application.

SW mentioned that if this planning application was to be successful the parish should be able to receive S106 monies for local projects.

Action: PC will draw up the PC’s response and send it to the clerk for submission.

8.2) 202169 – Haywood Lodge Farm, Belmont, Hereford, Herefordshire HR2 9RU

DESCRIPTION: Proposed first floor balcony

PC was minded to be in favour of supporting this application.  All were in agreement.


8.3) 201454 -Application at Merry Cottage for the nursery.

The CHGPC neither supported nor objected to this application, they just wanted to be clear that suitable traffic measures were in place.  It seems that the applicants have already started to look at these measures.


8.4) To discuss any planning items relating to Gamber and Grafton Lane.

Nothing further has happened and all appeals are awaiting decisions. There has been a recent addition of the Caravan Club having a site at New House Farm. It was felt that neither the size of the lane nor the splay of the entrance to the farm is suitable for the Caravan Club to have authorised it as a site.

Action: PC questioned whether or not this was a suitable site for one of their recommended sites. SS to draft a letter and send this to the clerk for submission.


8.5) To discuss any matters relating to planning at The Old Mushroom Farm.

AG outlined the current position at the old mushroom farm in regard to the grabber lorries at unit 4.  The enforcement officers paid a visit to see what was happening there but there has been no further information since the beginning of July.  In this correspondence it was stated that the application was going to be withdrawn as it was going to need a whole new application. 20024/f is the new application number.

Action: Clerk to draw up a letter to the enforcement officer to progress this matter.  Clerk and TP to meet to draft the letter.


8.6) Neighbourhood Plan update – PC advised that HC’s revised Core Strategy was agreed before the NP can be updated by the Parish Council.





























SG and






Speeding in the Parish

Deferred to the next meeting.

There is a TRO on Haywood Lane and Grafton Lane for a speed restriction. This is still progressing.

10.0 Defibrillator for the Parish

PC had suggested that the Village Hall could be a good location for a defibrillator, however, following a discussion it was resolved that with the spread out nature of the Group of Parishes, one defib in that location would probably not be justified with the numbers of people that it might serve.

Action: PC and OP will look at whether to locate more and if so where. Clerk mentioned that there were currently grants for defibs and she will look further at their availability. 







PC, OP &





Consultations on:-

Changes to the Planning System – planning for the future

Move to next agenda and clerk to forward the explanation video to all cllrs.

Also, there was a call for housing sites in the county, the chair felt that we ought to consider more, although SS reminded the meeting that the PC were not landowners.

Action: Clerk to identify the deadline for these comments.

HC car parking charges

NO comment from the CHGPC








12.0 Coronavirus : We still have recommendations for helpers should they be needed, but on the whole they are stood down.  
13.0 Drainage Funding from the government

The clerk told the meeting of a grant that was available. AG told the meeting of the problem at Hillcrest where water was coming across the junction, causing an accident blackspot.

SS mentioned that on Haywood Lane there is an issue outside The Byre and Haywood Lodge where a pond regularly overflows.

SW told of problems along Grafton Lane.  He will notify the clerk of the exact location.

Action: Clerk to notify BB of the Parish Councils intent to claim the grant.










14.0 Parish Roads and footpaths

14.1)  To note any defects to be reported to Balfour Beatty – None

14.2) To put forward work for the Lengthsman  – None

14.3)  Foot path officer report – Jules Hardy – Jules had submitted three reports on the parish footpaths indicating work that needs to be done to a number of stiles.

She is hoping to produce a booklet of walks for the website and parishioners to use.  The Chair and Cllrs expressed their great appreciation for the reports and work that  Jules has done.

Action: Clerk and footpaths officer to exchange notes on who is responsible for fixing which stiles.









Clerk & JH

15.0 Receive agenda items for the next meeting

In the minutes.


16.0 Confirmation of date of next Meeting

The next Parish Council Meeting would be held on Tuesday 6th October 2020 from 7.00pm via Zoom.

Website link: http://callowhaywoodpc.org.uk/




The meeting closed at 8.15 pm              



Signed: ……………………………………………Chair                       Date……………………..