Minutes 13th June 2017

Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting of Callow & Haywood Parish Council held at Callow Village Hall on Tuesday 13th June 2017


Cllr. Sophie Glover (Chair)
Cllr. Tony Priddle
Cllr. Hugh Bryant
Cllr. Sandy Sharp
Cllr Angie Gibbs (Vice Chair)
Cllr Dave Malins (co-opted)

In attendance:
Parish Clerk; Alison Wright, Ward Cllr; Jon Johnson, Tree Warden; Ashley Elliott and six members of the public

1.0 Apologies for absence
The Chair welcomed everyone to the Meeting. There were no apologies.

Open Session
Members of the public were present to discuss the Byway Open to all Traffic (BOAT) order papers for M269. These had been sent to the Parish Council plus other consultees. The Parish Council, and the members of the public present, looked at the maps and discussed the proposal and the concerns as raised. There were queries regarding the assertion that other neighbouring property owners had not been advised. The regularisation of all such highways was a legal requirement. The one in question was part privately owned and part Duchy owned.
Ward Cllr Johnson entered the meeting at 7.14pm.
Concerns about the use of the track by 4 x 4 vehicles was expressed and previous use had led to people getting stuck and having to use straps on the trees to effect their release.
It was agreed that the Clerk would ask the Ward Cllr formally to take up the issue of the BOAT M269 with the Balfour Beatty department representative, who had communicated with the Parish Council, to see what comments and suggestions could be submitted to convey the concerns, and if there was the possibility to influence any decision taken.

2.0 Declarations of Interest
There were declarations, as previously recorded, regarding any matters relating to the Southern Link Road planning application number 151314.

3.0 Co-option of Councillors
A vacancy existed for the Grafton Parish currently. Dr Dave Malins was proposed as a councillor by Cllr Priddle and seconded by Cllr Gibbs. Cllr Malins completed his Acceptance of Office Form and Declaration of Registrable Interests Form.
Clerk to send Declaration form and details to Elections Service

4.0 To Adopt Minutes of CHPC Annual Parish and Statutory Meetings held on May 9th 2017
The minutes of the meetings were signed as a true and correct record of the Annual Parish and Statutory Meetings held on the 9th May 2017.
Clarification was given by Cllr Priddle regarding the letter that he had circulated that had been written by the Hereford Sustainable Transport Group.

5.0 To Receive Reports from:

Ward Councillor
Ward Cllr Jon Johnson updated the meeting regarding a new Constitution for the Herefordshire Council. There were changes to the Overview and Scrutiny Committee Structure. The Balfour Beatty contact and the state of the roads were both on the Scrutiny List.

Bulletins had been circulated.

Locality Steward:
Bulletins had been circulated. Verge cutting was in progress.

6.0 Finance and Policies

6.1) To note the balance and current status of the current account and community projects account. The current account balance stood at £11388.61 and the Community Projects account at £218.29 as at the meeting date.
6.2) To resolve to accept payments as per listing and including salary for the Clerk plus tax due for June plus Village Hall rental, Parish Council Insurance, web site hosting, Internal Audit Fee and the Lengthsman. The payments were resolved to be paid unanimously.

6.3) To discuss parish website
Cllr Glover would be speaking to the web master regarding the forms that would need to be displayed. Cllr Malins would co-ordinate the web site input going forward. The situation would be reviewed on an annual basis.

6.4) Update on new signatories
Cllrs Bryant and Sharp had completed the mandate forms, been into the bank and were now set up as new bank signatories.

6.5) To approve the end of year accounts for 2016 – 2017 (two parts i and ii)
The accounting statements were presented and approved in accordance with the regulations.
The forms would be submitted to the external auditor; Grant Thornton.

7.0 Planning Matters

  • To consider any applications as detailed:
    There were no new applications to consider.
  • To consider any update regarding Planning Application 151314 for the Southern Link Road.
    Ashley Elliott advised that he had sent in a formal letter of complaint regarding the procedures of the planning application. The letter had been sent to the Herefordshire Council and he was awaiting a response to the matters raised.
    It was agreed that the Clerk would reiterate to the Planning Officer, Kelly Gibbons that the Parish Council wished to be involved in any discussion on the mitigation and process of the construction of the road going forward.
  • To discuss correspondence regarding M269 Byway Open to all Traffic Order
    This was covered under the Open Session.
  • To discuss potential grant funding for road traffic engineer consultancy support
    Cllr Glover was exploring the possibility of any potential funding. Cllr Priddle thought there may be next stage grant funding for Neighbourhood Plan development. Kingspan were grant funding speeding initiatives. Other funding options would be looked into by Cllr Glover.

Regarding the Herefordshire Council call for sites initiative, Cllr Priddle would supply details of proposal site at Graftonbury Hotel to the Clerk with a view to seeking regulation of development of the site in accordance with the adopted Neighbourhood Plan.

8.0 Speeding in the Parish
To consider the recommendations for speed initiatives
Cllr Gibbs highlighted the reported list of recommendations that had been drawn up following the research and consultation undertaken. The ideas and suggestions would now be taken forward to a meeting with Simon Hobbs and Graham Hornsby on the 21st June at 11.00am in the Balfour Beatty Offices. Following on from the meeting the changes and items to be implemented would be ascertained.
Signs for wheelie bins giving speed limits and slow down messages had been obtained. More would be requested.
The Police were aiming to be out and about working using local Wi Fi provision and they were reviewing their locations for undertaking enforcement action.
SID (now VAS) Speed Indicator Device (now Vehicle Activated Device) would be parked at the bottom of the list. These would be revisited once the new policy for them was in place.
Signage was a priority and photos had been taken of those requiring replacement.
There may be a possibility of matched funding for some of the initiatives. White lining was under review regarding positioning and clarity etc.
The proposals going forward for discussion with Balfour Beatty were proposed by Cllr Gibbs and seconded by Cllr Glover.

Ward Cllr Johnson left the meeting at 8.33pm.

9.0 Village Matters
• Tree Warden Report
The Tree Warden asked for mitigation in terms of planting etc. for the SLR to be added to the letter to Kelly Gibbons


10.0 Parish Roads and Footpaths

10.1) To note any defects to be reported to Balfour Beatty.
Defects to be lodged. Damage to wall and grit bin in Village to be advised to the Locality Steward.
10.2) To put forward work for the Lengthsman
Routine works in hand. To advise of any specific requirements. Previous queries raised, regarding footpaths, were being followed up.

Footpath Officer Required
It was agreed that Cllr Malins would cover Dewsall, Cllr Glover would look after the Twyford side and Cllr Bryant the Grafton area in regard to footpath upkeep.

11.0 Information Sheet and Correspondence
10.1 To note Information and Correspondence Sheet
The contents of the information sheet were noted:
Dear Parish/Town Clerk
Herefordshire Council has adopted a new code of conduct. Please find attached a letter from Claire Ward, solicitor to the council.
We would be grateful if you could please let us know if your council will be adopting the revised code.
If you will be adopting the code, we are happy to provide training and would be grateful if you could please let us know what would be your preferred training method, e.g. all clerks being trained so that they can train parish councillors or direct parish councillors training, etc.

We look forward to hearing from you.

With Kind Regards


Information re Echoes in the Woods, Munitions and the Violette Szabo events

Broadband in Herefordshire – The journey so far and what next?
Herefordshire Council is hosting a countywide broadband event, looking at the achievements so far of the Fastershire project as well as finding out the details of the next phase of rollout.
The event will be held on Monday 19 June 2017, running from 6pm to 8pm at the Herefordshire Council Plough Lane Offices, Hereford, HR4 0LE. Click here for directions.

The agenda for the event is:

  • Presentation from Fastershire: the status of the project so far and information on Phases 2 and 3 of rollout
  • Answers to frequently asked questions from communities (please send in your questions when you book!)
  • Refreshments and an opportunity to use the Fastershire line checker to find out premises included in Phase 2
  • And more information for those households and businesses that fall within Phase 3

To book your place
Click here to register. Please note that to ensure spaces are available for all a maximum of 2 people per parish can attend the event. If more than 2 people wish to attend, or you have any queries, please get in touch by email – info@fastershire.com
If you have a question you would like to ask the Fastershire team, please complete the relevant section on the registration form so that the event can help answer your questions

Dawn Thompson
Strategic Communications Lead

12.0 Matters to be raised on the Agenda of the next Meeting
All usual items plus communications and update on SLR mitigation.

13.0 Confirmation of date of next Meeting
The next Parish Council Meeting would be held on Tuesday 4th July 2017 from 7.00pm in the Callow Village Hall. Cllr Malins gave his apologies in advance for the July Meeting.

The meeting closed at 8.43pm