Minutes 14th March 2017

Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting of Callow & Haywood Parish Council held at Callow Village Hall on Tuesday 14th March 2017

Cllr. Sophie Glover (Chair)
Cllr. Tony Priddle
Cllr. Hugh Bryant
Cllr. Sandy Sharp
Cllr Angie Gibbs

In attendance:
Parish Clerk; Alison Wright, Cllr. Jon Johnson and two members of the public

1.0 Apologies for absence
The Chair welcomed everyone to the Meeting. Cllrs Sharp and Vaughan had sent their apologies for absence. Cllr Carol Lloyd had sent in her resignation as a Parish Councillor. This would be advised to the Elections Office.
There are 8 councillor positions for the Group Parish, the Clerk would check out the numbers and village split.
Open Session
It appeared that the traffic survey had been carried out during the recent half term. Speeding was acknowledged to be a county wide problem. The dumped office chair had been recovered from the verge down from the Callow Church.

2.0 Declarations of Interest
There were declarations, as previously recorded, regarding any matters relating to the Southern Link Road planning application number 151314.

3.0 To Adopt Minutes of CHPC Meeting held on February 7th 2017
The minutes were signed as a true and correct record of the meeting held on the 7th February 2017.
The Community Project would be looking for better broadband funding from the LEP. Natalia Silver was co-ordinating for Herefordshire Council. The Chair would send details of the local box name etc. to Natalia. Broad band hotspots would be raised with Jesse Norman MP.

4.0 To Receive Reports from:
Ward Councillor
Ward Cllr Jon Johnson updated the meeting regarding the Midlands Engine Investment Fund of £33 million which was allocated for small businesses and business start ups. The finance was available to help with growth on a loan with interest basis. This would be staring in May/June 2017 and the Herefordshire Council would be heading this up. It would be made sure that business plans are “up to speed.” £8 million of investment had been notified through the Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP) for the new University for Herefordshire. There had also been a £2.8 million investment notified for the Cyber Security Centre at Rotherwas.
The road issues at Norton Brook had been reported to Highways England on two occasions and a response from the office of Jesse Norman MP was submitted. The issue was now in process with Highways England.

The Ward Cllr had responded to an e mail from the Tree Warden concerning the selling off of smallholdings. Personal details were in the document on the subject and the report was not yet finished. The Ward Cllr would be going back to Cllr Harry Bramer who can then make comment.
Business grants of up to £25,000 were available and also vouchers of £280 per premise towards cost of broadband connection.
The Ward Cllr advised that he would be happy to invite the Leader of the Council, Tony Johnson, to attend a future Parish Council Meeting.

Bulletins had been circulated.

Locality Steward:
Bulletins had been circulated.

5.0 Finance and Policies

5.1) To note the balance and current status of the current account and community projects account. The current account balance stood at £8485.82 and the Community Projects account at £225.52 as at 5/03/17.
5.2) To resolve to accept payments as per listing and including salary for the Clerk plus tax due for March and April plus the HALC subscription and the Lengthsman. The payments were resolved to be paid unanimously. It was resolved that the Clerk would sign the payments as co-signatory as no other signatories were present. It was also proposed that Cllr Bryant become a signatory on the accounts and that Cllrs Lloyd and Elliott be removed as signatories. The Clerk would obtain the necessary mandate form. All changes proposed by Cllr Glover, seconded by Cllr Gibbs. Carried.

5.3) To discuss parish website
Following the resignation of Cllr Lloyd, who had taken on the role of Web master, Cllr Glover would speak to Cllr Vaughan regarding the setting up of a simple website. This would be used just to advise of meetings and statutory responsibilities.

5.4) Councillor Vacancy – this would be advertised.

5.5) Appointment of new signatories – Cllr Bryant was proposed.

6.0 Planning Matters
To consider any applications as detailed:
The Graftonbury Rise application had been passed with conditions.

Planning Application 170096/F: Sun Valley Feed mill in Tram Inn Lane, Allensmore:
Comments were considered and would be submitted:
“There is concern over the size of the new structure in terms of the landscape impact and it does seem incongruous with the rural vistas. The adopted Callow & Haywood NDP does seek to preserve rural views. There is also a concern that, should the project go ahead, it should not be floodlit during the night time hours.”

To consider any update regarding Planning Application 151314 for the Southern Link Road.
Ward Cllr Johnson to speak to Cllr Philip Price regarding Hereford Transport Alliance Circular and the concept of the SLR being a potential relief road for the M5?

7.0 Speeding in the Parish
A comprehensive analysis of feedback, and key recommendations, had been undertaken following the drop in consultation session.
Details of the findings and speed data from Haywood Lane would be sent to the Ian Connolly, Speed Watch Team, plus Jesse Norman MP. Community Speed watch would be chased up. A big “thank you” was recorded to Graham Hornsby for his input.
Village entrances can be fitted, no regulations pertain. Simon Hobbs, at Herefordshire Council, can obtain the materials and the Lengthsman may fit them. Precept setting for funding for this will be considered in 2018.
A huge thank you is recorded to Cllr Gibbs, and her husband, for all of their work on the speeding and data collection exercise. Also to others that have been involved.
The Working Party is now officially stood down.

8.0 Village Matters

  • Tree Warden Report
    Further details to follow
  • Fly tipping down railway embankment between Haywood Lodge and cottages
    Contact made with Network Rail and resolution of current issues in hand. New contact details held if further incidence of tipping reported.
  • Update on using “offenders” from Probation Service for litter pick
    Not possible due to offenders not being permitted to work roadside.
  • Broadband issues
    The Community Project would be looking for better broadband funding from the LEP. Natalia Silver was co-ordinating for Herefordshire Council. The Chair would send details of the local box name etc. to Natalia. Broad band hotspots would be raised with Jesse Norman MP.
  • April 2017 litter pick initiative.
    The April 1st Litter Pick initiative would be going ahead with soup and sandwiches at Cllr Gibb’s from 1.00pm. 35 sets of litter picking equipment had been obtained. Everyone to encourage people to come out and join in. Ward Cllr Johnson gave his apologies due to a prior commitment.

9.0 Parish Roads and Footpaths
9.1) To note any defects to be reported to Balfour Beatty.
Defects to be lodged.
9.2) To put forward work for the Lengthsman
Routine works in hand. To advise of any specific requirements.

10.0 Information Sheet and Correspondence
10.1 To note Information and Correspondence Sheet
The contents of the information sheet were noted. The Good Neighbour Scheme and initiative at the Much Birch Surgery were noted.

Plus: Herefordshire heroes wanted for Great British Spring Clean
Herefordshire Council is backing a campaign to get half a million people out and about cleaning up their local communities throughout March 2017.
The brand new Great British Spring Clean will roll out for the first time in 2017, with a view to it becoming an annual event to bring people together and clean up the country.
It’s backed by key anti-litter charities including Keep Britain Tidy, Keep Wales Tidy and Keep Scotland Beautiful.
The council will be encouraging and supporting groups and individuals who want to ‘do their bit’ to help clear up the litter that blights our streets, parks, roads and beautiful countryside.
The Great British Spring Clean will also help to support our own Stop the Drop anti-litter campaign.
To take part in the national campaign, you can set up your own clean up event.
Once completed, please also register on our stop the drop webpage, so we can advertise your event locally and encourage family, friends and neighbours to join in.
As soon as you have registered to organise a litter pick, you must let Balfour Beatty Living Places know by ringing 01432 261800, so they can arrange to collect your bags of litter free of charge after your event.
They also have a limited number of litter packs available, that can be borrowed for no charge. There will be a high demand over the weekend of 3rd – 5th March so you may want to consider doing a litter pick later in March.
Please call 01432 261800 to find out more.
Litter remains a huge problem across the country, causing harm to the environment and wildlife, with councils in England having to spend over £700million on street cleaning services every year.
Within Herefordshire, we spend just over £1million a year on street cleaning.
Let’s all work together to keep Herefordshire beautiful.
If you have any queries, please e-mail the energy and environmental management team or call 01432 383262.

11.0 Matters to be raised on the Agenda of the next Meeting
All usual items plus website, update from Tree Warden re planting grants.

12.0 Confirmation of date of next Meeting
The next Meetings, Annual Parish and Annual Statutory, would be held on Tuesday 9th May 2017 from 7.00pm in the Callow Village Hall.

13.0 Due to the confidential nature of the business of this agenda item, under the Public Bodies (Admission to Meetings) Act 1960 (3) it is proposed to put forward a motion to exclude members of the public during discussion of this agenda item
To discuss the Clerk’s Incremental Progression on 1/03/17
The Parish Council resolved to award the incremental progression to the Clerk from 1/03/17 in line with prescribed NJC Pay rates as designated. Proposed by Cllr Glover and seconded by Cllr Bryant.

The meeting closed at 8.50pm