Minutes 9th January 2017

Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting of Callow & Haywood Parish Council held at Callow Village Hall on Monday 9th January 2017

Cllr. Sophie Glover (Chair)
Cllr. Tony Priddle
Cllr. Hugh Bryant
Cllr. Carol Lloyd
Cllr. Sandy Sharp

In attendance:
Parish Clerk; Alison Wright, Locality Steward; Dave Atkinson, Ward Cllr; Jon Johnson, Tree Warden; Ashley Elliott and three members of the public

1.0 Apologies for absence
The Chair welcomed everyone to the Meeting. Cllr. Julian Vaughan and Cllr Angie Gibbs had sent apologies for absence.

Open Session
Issues of parking on Knocker Hill were raised. The parking pushes vehicles out across the road into the way of the potholes. Cllr Sharp had visited the garages regarding the water and soap suds that were emanating from there. The ditch behind the hedge there was full of water and the manhole cover at the location was wet. The question was asked as to whether this was a leak or wet from surface water. The Lengthsman would be asked to look at this and if there was a leak then Environmental Health may need to be advised. Other concerns regarding parking and verges were highlighted. The registration numbers of the vehicles concerned would need to be reported to the Police if there was a highway obstruction. The registration numbers of any delivery vehicles to the garages would also need to be advised to the police if causing a highway obstruction during delivery.
Following on from a recent incident of road safety in the village the Ward Councillor would go back to the Road Safety Commission to highlight the concerns.

2.0 Declarations of Interest
There were declarations, as previously recorded, regarding any matters relating to the Southern Link Road planning application number 151314 and including Cllr Sharp.

3.0 To Adopt Minutes of CHPC Meeting held on November 8th 2016 and matters arising
The minutes were signed as a true and correct record of the meeting held on the 8th November 2016.

4.0 To Receive Reports from:
Ward Councillor
Ward Cllr Jon Johnson highlighted his report:
“Parish Council Reports January 17
2017 Budget and Government Changes
Gov’t will withdraw new homes bonus and allow councils to raise Council Tax (CT) above the normal limit of 1.9% without a referendum to compensate, for the fact that they have increased the cost burden to Councils by introducing the national living wage
The increase above 1.9% must be ring fenced for Adult Social Care (ASC)
The total additional increase must not exceed 6% over three years.
Total CT increase not to exceed 5% in any one year (Inc. the 1.9%)
The effect of the change means we lose the unencumbered homes bonus for a lower value replacement via CT increases which can only be spent on ASC.
The options the council has over three years to add 2% +2%+2% to the planned 1.9%
Add 3% to each of the first two years
Add 2%+3%+1% over three years
Any other arrangement which complies with the rules
To option that would bring the highest level of income to the council would be 3% + 3% + 0% over three year, which would raise an additional £2.7 million, however having budgeted and predicted forward that we can do it without, it is felt that we should keep taxation to a minimum.
There is the option not to do any of the above, however the issue arises that if we do not take this then if we become unstuck or need to raise money for another budget there is every chance the answer would be that we have had our opportunity to increase income but did not take it.
Adult Social Care has seen major cut backs, and we are seeing a 1% increase per year in demand, but a population increase that far exceeds that, hence cuts are working. However, we are seeing especially in the care industry that organisations can no longer employ people on the minimum wage and therefore the cost of care is going up. (We are going to see more pressure in budgets in care home resources in the future)

Western Bypass, there were reports in the Hereford Times last week that have caused some confusion. The STP has been awarded its full funding expected £27 million, with £8 million put in from the council for active travel.
The funding that the council did not get awarded was a bid of around 2.5 million for undertaking the route options for the Western bypass. This has already been budgeted, but as a round of funding became available it was decided to have ago to see if we could get anything from the pot, which we didn’t on this occasion, however that does not inhibit or stop anything. The funding for the Western Bypass will be applied for as per planned though funding from central Gov’t, Highways England as it is part of their strategic network plan in the Midlands.”

The Ward Cllr also spoke about the recent incident in the Village where a verge marker had been knocked down by a vehicle while taking the bend near to the Church at Callow. Simon Hobbs had reviewed the road surface and had said that it was “not up to anti-slip standard”. The option of resurfacing the corner was being considered. The increase in traffic on Haywood Lane was mentioned. The SLR conditions were planned to stop traffic cutting through from Belmont to the A49 via Callow. This issue was being addressed. Cllr. Glover would send the Ward Cllr the breakdown of traffic movements that had been looked at following the data collection in 2016. It was stated by a councillor that it would be important for construction traffic to come into the construction site for the Southern Link Road from both ends. Ward Cllr Johnson would arrange for an Engineer to attend a Parish Council Meeting to explain movements.
New surveys would be undertaken, in relation to the construction of the road, in the spring when plants were growing.

Bulletins had been circulated. It was agreed that the Clerk would approach the Police to request the speed data collection service as described by PCSO Lowri Anderson in her e mail reply to the Clerk’s enquiry: “speed data collection box which will monitor speed 24hrs a day and also vehicle volumes”.

Locality Steward:
Bulletins had been circulated.
The Locality Steward updated the meeting regarding the situation that had been looked at on the corner where the verge marker had been knocked down. Factors had been considered during a visual inspection. Scientific data regarding intervention of the level of surface had found the area to be “poor in texture but within the threshold.” The situation had been referred back to Asset Management for prioritisation. SLOW road markings may also be a possibility.
As regards the jetting and pipes behind the Callow Garages, and the situation with water there the Locality Steward would liaise with the Environmental Agency.

5.0 Finance and Policies

5.1) To note the balance and current status of the current account and community projects account. The current account balance stood at £9,532.36 and the Community Projects account at £1016.41.
5.2) To resolve to accept payments as per listing and including salary for the Clerk plus tax due for January and the Lengthsman. The payments were resolved to be paid unanimously.

5.3) To discuss parish website
The Clerk was asked to go back to the web master and enquire as to his plans for the future of the parish website.

6.0 Planning Matters

  • To consider any applications as detailed
    Application Number and Site Address: 162963: Unit 3 Haywood Lodge Farm, Belmont, Hereford, HR2 9RU
    Description: Demolition of existing storage units. Proposed new storage units for agricultural use.
    Grid Ref: OS 348341, 236636
    Application Type: Planning Permission
    The Parish Council discussed the application and it was resolved that there was no objection to the proposal. The Clerk would notify the Planning Department of this.
    The approval notice for the gable roof (163219) at 6a of the Graftonbury Development was to be circulated.
  • To consider any issues or developments concerning Planning Application 151314 Southern Link Road
    No further update at this time

7.0 Neighbourhood Plan Update
Update on Plan developments.
The plan was now adopted. Formal thanks were recorded to Cllr Priddle. Grant form to be completed and final “tidying up” reconciled and grant monies unspent were to be returned to the grant giver. Item then to be removed from Agenda.

8.0 Village Matters
Neighbourhood Watch update
People were keeping an “eye out”. The final sign was to be put up.
Tree Warden Report
The Tree Warden
Nothing to report.
Callow Garages – Deliveries and Parking
Covered under Open Session and Locality Steward update.

9.0 Parish Roads and Footpaths

9.1) To note any defects to be reported to Balfour Beatty.
Nothing additional to items noted.
9.2) To put forward work for the Lengthsman
General maintenance, at present.
Balances to be checked and reimbursement claim submitted.

10.0 Information Sheet and Correspondence

10.1 To note Information and Correspondence Sheet
The contents of the information sheet were noted.
The Chair would give a Parish Council statement to the Press Officer of the Hereford Times concerning the Village speeding issues. A draft of the comment would be sent to the Clerk.

11.0 To hear update regarding speeding in the parish
As discussed in the Open Session and in the Ward Cllr update. A public meeting would be arranged later in 2017.

12.0 Matters to be raised on the Agenda of the next Meeting
All usual items plus website, Neighbourhood Watch and update regarding speeding etc. Also littering on the railway embankment between Haywood Lodge and the Haywood lane Cottages. Cllr Priddle to advise the Clerk of the Network Rail contact details.
The published Freight Survey would be individually completed – if desired.

13.0 Confirmation of date of next Meeting
The next Ordinary Meeting would be held on Monday 7th February 2017 at 7.00pm in the Callow Village Hall.

The meeting closed at 8.40pm