Minutes December 2021

Callow & Haywood Group

Meeting on Tuesday 7th December 2021 from 7.30pm


Present: Cllr. Neil Barrington (NB) (Chair), Cllr. Sandy Sharp (SSCllr Oliver Price (OP) Cllr Tony Priddle (TP).

In attendance: Parish Clerk; Sophie Glover); 8 Members of the public.

The meeting started at 7.30pm with 10 minutes for the public to speak

Access at Knockerhill was visited as a result of a complaint from the public. There is an area of land to the side of Greengables that has been cleared, as Knockerhill is ancient woodland, it should not be either cleared nor grazed by chickens, as verified by Ashley Elliot. There is a deed of covenant on this piece of woodland meaning that it should not be split up, but in this case it has been. OP had visited the site, he met the owner who explained what was happening on his land. It was explained that the owner had engaged a tree surgeon who had taken down trees that were endangering the house.
It was moved that we approach enforcement about the work done in an ancient woodland.
Action: Clerk to put this problem to enforcement and to direct them to speak with OP and find out more.

Comment from a parishioner about the water run off from the car wash.
Action: clerk to contact BB to see what the cause of the flow of water is and why it does not appear to drain away.

1. Apologies for absence : Cllr. Steve Williams (SW), Cllr. Jules Hardy (JH), Ward Cllr Christy Bolderson (CB)

2. Declarations of Interest : None.

3. Minutes: To approve the Minutes as a true record of the Parish Council Meeting held in November 2021.
All present agreed that they were.

4. Actions from previous minutes either dealt with, or on the agenda other than:-
Contact with Network Rail; Fly tipping/fencing on Haywood Lane.
Action: Clerk to try to move this problem higher.

5. Matters arising between meetings: None.

6. To receive reports from:

Ward Councillor; unable to attend. Report to follow.
PCSO West Mercia Police; None sent.
Locality Steward: None Sent.

7.0Planning Matters
7.1) To consider any outstanding applications including:
213987 – Land at The Birches, Twyford Common Road, Twyford: Proposed siting of Shepherds hut for holiday let usage.

Comment: PC supports this application.

214131 – Haywood House, Belmont: Proposed detached garage.

Comment: PC requests a better site plan so that they can visualise where the building will be. In principal the PC were happy to support this application.

211933 – Land West of Grafton Lane, Portway. Proposed self build dwelling, detached garage and new access.

The applicant was allowed to make a short presentation saying how they were addressing some of the PC’s concerns.

The PC advised that there was a need for a full drainage report before the application is submitted.

The PC felt that the proposed building was to be on agricultural land, it does not constitue ‘infill’.

PC comment: Not support. PC will not consider this application until a full drainage plan is supplied, full comment to be circulated and agreed by cllrs before submission.

7.2) Planning decisions made: Twyford Common new build application has been put to the Planning Committee.

7.3) Local Plan update: There was a consultation event held earlier this evening, this will be revisited at the meeting on January 11th.

8. Finance and policies
8.1) To note bank balance in HSBC account as at 05.11.21: £12,829.49
8.2) To note receipts this period – None
8.3) To resolve to accept payments – as per listing
8.4) Grants to be considered: Belmont Country Park. This PC has previously granted £100 to Belmont country park.
Precept: it was moved to increase the precept to 10% bringing it to £8,250.
Action: clerk to submit the precept request.

9. Feedback from training or meetings attended. Clerk attended the ‘fun with finance’ course over the weekend. Feedback will be given at the January PC meeting.

10. Parish Roads and Footpaths
10.1) Speeding in the Parish – Callow Village, Grafton Lane and Haywood Lane. TP gave the following brief report:-

We have a small working party made up of Angie Gibbs, Brian Vince, Merrill Crabtree-Livesey and me. Everyone is working hard, but it’s not easy to solve complex problems with a voluntary force.
The current initiatives are:
Immediate actions:
1. Dewsall Lane/Callow corner: we request that the Clerk pursues a request to the HC to undertake modest works at their cost: we already know that HC (BB LP) recommend Red surface warning to downhill section from Callow slow• replace current deviation signs with yellow backed luminous ones. Submission to be accompanied by latest schedule of incidents. We are aware that there are a great many County wide submissions for similar works: if (and only if) we cannot achieve this work immediately, we should then ask what the cost would be if the Parish were to pay for it NB we already have indicative costs.
2. We also request that the Parish Clerk respond to the “Community Speed Watch” and invite them to meet us. In 2017 we were told that we were not eligible as 85 percent of recorded speeds were exceeding the speed limit and that made it an enforcement task. The current initiative seems more positive.
Ongoing initiatives:
3. We have requested a quotation, from a firm of consulting engineers, for a phase one design to address the safety issues in Haywood Lane and Callow, along the lines already illustrated by the working party in Sep 21. The design to include estimates of phase one construction costs. Once we know the costs, we hope we may be able to find a grant to assist in meeting this expenditure.
4. We have succeeded in persuading the police to erect “operation snap” signs in 3 locations in Haywood Lane, which we hope will be a deterrent.
5. We are considering planting the wide verges and private land adjoining the Parish Lanes to generate a sense of village, using possibly the Queen’s Green Canopy initiative.
6. TROs: Mairead Lane and Richard Ball have been removed, so reforming links with replacements. Haywood Lane HGV TRO under consideration. Grafton Lane 40 mph speed limit at 49 on TRO list. We will continue to monitor and pressurise for action.

Action: Clerk to under the work identified above.
                Clerk to ask ‘community speed watch’ team to come and meet the traffic working party.

10.2)To note any defects to be reported to locality steward.
Flooding at the garage on Knockerhill.
Look at the Twyford Lane above Twford Brook Farm.

10.3) Report from Footpaths officer. This has been submitted prior to the meeting. The Chair thanked JH for the report and photo’s.
Action: clerk to get prices for repairs for the bridges, forward the report to the locality steward.

10.4) Identify work for the lengthsman. Send him to talk to SW about Grafton Lane and to do the grips and gullies.
Ask the lengthsman to fill the salt buckets – salt is held at Dewsall Farm.

11. Defibrillator for the village – Update: The clerk has had confirmation that London Heart now has our cheque – it had been returned to the PC. When it has cleared, they will send out the defib and cabinet. Upon receipt, clerk will inform OP that it has arrived and can be fitted.
OP said that every year 90 people in Herefordshire will have a heart attack away from home.

12. Broadband discussion
Gigaclear vouchers have to be cancelled in order for any one else to bring broadband to those areas that are not yet covered. The clerk was asked to contact the Ward Councillor to seek assurances that she will push to get the areas released from their Gigaclear tie in to the vouchers available so that others can attempt to get connect using them.

13. Vulnerable and Isolated people / Corona Virus; nothing to report.

14. Adopting new Code of Conduct
The proposal was that CHGPC adopt the new code of conduct.
Proposed: NB Seconded; SS. All were in agreement.
Action: clerk to note that this decision has been reached.

15. Co-option of new councillor
No one has stepped forward at this time.

16. Matters to be raised on the Agenda of the next Meeting  

As identified at this meeting.

17. Confirmation of date of next Parish Council Meeting
12th January. 20212

Signed: _____________________________ Date: _______________

Future meetings for 2022:-

Change of date Tuesday Jan 12th 7.00pm
Tuesday Feb 1st 7.00pm
Tuesday March 1st 7.00pm
Tuesday April 5th 7.00pm
Tuesday May 3rd 7.00pm
Tuesday June 7th 7.00pm