Minutes February 2022

Callow & Haywood Group

Meeting on Tuesday 1st February 2022 from 7.00pm


Present: Cllr. Neil Barrington (NB) (Chair); Cllr. Sandy Sharp (SS); Cllr. Jules Hardy (JH); Cllr Tony Priddle (TP); Cllr. Steve Williams (SW);

In attendance: Parish Clerk; Sophie Glover; Scott Crowley (prospective Councillor).Julie +1 From Hereford Community Farm. Ward Cllr Christy Bolderson (CB); 1 parishoner.

The meeting started at 7.00pm with 10 minutes for the public to speak
One parishioner from Merryhill Terrace off Haywood lane – he commented on farm vehicles going over the verges and no one seems to mind. He has tried to contact Herefordshire Council, but has received no response, also reported this to the police, who said that they could not do any thing to assist. He also told the meeting that the gas contractors had not replaced the road surface fully leaving a long rut that is dangerous to both beginner drivers and bicycle riders.
The ward councillor is aware of the damage to the road surface and is liaising with Balfour Beatty on this. In regard to the dangerous driving of tractors, the parishioner was advised to try to get a photo or video of the vehicles so that further action can be taken.
Action: Clerk: Add to agenda for March.

1.0 Apologies for absence : Cllr Oliver Price (OP);

2.0 Declarations of Interest : None

3.0 Presentation by: Julie Milsom Of Hereford Community Farm CIC.
She explained that they had been looking at taking on Ashley Farm at Grafton from Herefordshire Council. They are at very early stages of taking this on, and they were keen to allay any concerns about them moving in. She emphasised that they were aware of the possible impact of traffic on their current site, and they hoped to make use of the cycle track for their service users to access the site.
They would be using the farm buildings and approximately 18 acres of the land. They informed the meeting that they work with adults with additional needs, and that this wont be a ‘theme’ farm or a public access park, it is for the provision of targeted activities. They work with approximately 55 service users each week. They will be open Monday to Friday 9.30 to 3pm. And for 51 weeks a year, closing for Christmas. There was a suggestion that they might look for a hopper bus to shuttle people from the A49 to the site – one councillor was very against a bus being used on Grafton Lane due to it being so narrow.
Action: Clerk to arrange a PC visit to the site.

4.0 Minutes: To approve the Minutes as a true record of the Parish Council Meeting held in January 2022. All agreed that they were an accurate record

5.0 Actions from previous minutes either dealt with, or on the agenda other than:-
Contact with Network Rail; Fly tipping/fencing on Haywood Lane.
Water run off from the garages on Knockerhill has been passed on to
Balfour Beatty. Clerk to tell the locality steward.

6.0 Matters arising between meetings: Need for policy on Freedom of Information request on the Website.

7.0 To receive reports from:
Ward Councillor; Had sent her report electronically.
PCSO West Mercia Police; None sent but all advised to sign up to the neighbourhoodmatters website.
Locality Steward: None Sent other than the weekly reports.

8.0 Planning Matters: how the pc submits their comments: covered at the last meeting. There was a discussion about the way that Parish Councillors reach their decision about a planning applications, and the weight given to the NDP, Core Strategy, NPPF etc.
Action: Clerk to book training for the whole Parish council on planning.

8.1) To consider comments on applications to be determined by Herefordshire Council as listed below or on the Planning website prior to the meeting:-

220208: Graftonbury Court – Proposed new dwelling – Clerk to ask for an extension to be discussed at the March meeting.
Update on the PC’s communication with Kevin Bishop: clerk has emailed but no response as yet.
Old Mushroom Farm: Enforcement has been asked what is happening there, still awaiting their response.
Cllr Liz Harvey is now the officer in charge of planning.
8.2) Planning decisions made: None to date.
8.3) Local Plan update: There was working group to look at the feed

9. Finance and policies
9.1) To note bank balance in HSBC account as at 05.01.22: £10,664.46
9.2) To note receipts this period – None
9.3) To resolve to accept payments – as per listing
9.4) Grants to be considered: None
Accept the payment: proposed: chair seconded: SW
All were in favour.

10. Feedback from training or meetings attended.
Planning training will be put on for the whole PC. Chair attended care training, looking at the current situation in Herefordshire in the care sector. He had some useful slides that he proposed sending round to the rest of the Parish Councillors.
Local plan meeting on Spatial Awareness is on zoom, TP and SW will attend. Clerk to forward their contacts.
Action: Clerk

11. Parish Roads and Footpaths
11.1) Speeding in the Parish – Callow Village, Grafton Lane and Haywood Lane.
Markings at the Dewsall junction: check with locality steward if he has looked at it.
Community speed watch: as them to attend a meeting. A Gibbs to pass on the contact details for clerk to progress.
Line marking has been quoted for along Haywood Lane – at the cost of £8,000, the working group will discuss this and come back to the PC with their thoughts.
HGV TRO: we have heard that quotes have been requested and it is thought that it should be put in place in June this year.
Access only suggestion for the ‘critical lanes’: was first identified when the SLR was in play, it is now being reconsidered, but it is thought that it will be too expensive for the Council to pay, but if the Parish Council were able to fund it then they would support the idea. TP will approach the Council to see what cost this initative will cost.
11.2)To note any defects to be reported to locality steward.
Dewsall Lane, flooding at garages, Haywood Lane farm vehicles etc
11.3) Report from Footpaths officer. Nothing to report at this time.
11.4) Identify work for the lengthsman, including refilling grit bins.
Bridge that needs replacing, pass on to locality steward.

12. Defibrillator for the village – update on implementation.
Awaiting electrician to connect the defib when it is put up on the village hall. OP is awaiting the arrival of a backing board then this will all proceed.
Money available for other defibs. The meeting discussed whether or not to apply and it was resolved to look for further funding to support the purchase of further defibrillators for the parishes.
Proposed: SW and seconded NB.

13. Broadband discussion
Still awaiting a response from Natallia Silva who is the officer dealing with this.

14. Queens Jubilee / Queens Green Canopy
Awaiting further update information.

15. Vulnerable and Isolated people / Corona Virus
Mentioned above and OP to visit one of the older parishoners in Dewsall.

16. Matters to be raised on the Agenda of the next Meeting
As on these minutes. SW passed his apologies.

17. Confirmation of date of next Parish Council Meeting
Tuesday March 1st at 7pm.

Meeting closed: 8.45pm

Signed:_________________________ Date:

Future meeting dates:-

Tuesday April 5th 7.00pm
Annual Meeting Tuesday May 3rd 7.00pm
Tuesday June 7th 7.00pm