Minutes May 2021

Callow & Haywood Group

Annual Meeting on Tuesday 4th May 2021 from 7.00pm


Present: Cllr. Neil Barrington (NB) (in the Chair), Cllr. Jules Hardy (JH), Cllr. Steve Williams (SW), Tony Priddle (TP), Oliver Price (OP),

In attendance: Ward Councillor: Christy Bolderson (CB) joined at 7.30pm; Parish Clerk; Sophie Glover and 1 member of the public

The meeting started at 7.00pm with 10 minutes for the public to speak
No comments to make.

1. Election of Officers (Chairs and Vice Chair)
Chairman: Neil Barrington Proposed:TP
Seconded: JH
All were in favour, carried unanimously

Vicechair: Sandy Sharp Proposed: NB
Seconded: SW
Carried Unanimously.

2 Co-option of Parish Councillors
Peter Clegg had sent in a letter of resignation – given the pressures of his work he felt that now was the time to step back from the PC. Clerk to notify electoral services office
3 Chairman’s annual report: NB had put together a report. Attached to the end of these minutes.
4 Annual financial report: Accounts for the year 20-21 have passed the internal auditors inspection and are in the process of being certified as exempt form a limited assurance review with PKF Littlejohn the external auditor. We carried forward over £9,000 into the new year.
5 Review of other appointments:
Footpaths officer – Jules Hardy . It was proposed to keep JH as the footpaths officer, to which she agreed. All were in favour.
Internal auditor – Sue Walker was appointed for this years internal audit, it was proposed to keep her for 2021-22. All were in favour.
6 Review of insurance policies:
Zurich insurance annual renewal is in this months finances.
7. Review of subscriptions:
HALC: it was proposed to continue subscribing with HALC for their training and support.
8. To remind councillors to update their Notice of Registerable Interests; Done.
Meeting closed at 7.11

Callow and Haywood Group Parish Council Meeting for May 2021 Meeting
Started at: 7.12pm

1. To accept apologies for absence
Sandy Sharp. Christy Bolderson who said she would attend later (came into the meeting at 7.30pm)
2. Declarations of Interest
None declared.
3. To receive reports from:
Ward Councillor; CB: Her last report was distributed at the end of April. Herefordshire Council has a new Chief Executive, who come in to post to face a struggle sorting out the problems with the Childrens Department. The full council met last week to start the discussions on this. For now, Council Meetings will all be held at either Halo leisure until the Town Hall ceiling has been repaired. Covid outbreaks have grown in Herefordshire.
PCSO West Mercia Police; No report.
Locality Steward; sent weekly.
Footpaths officer: JH has started walking the paths again. CA1 and CA6 have been walked recently. She explained that a walker had contacted her recently having ‘found’ a lamb that they believed was in distress. When the farmer was located, they were very angry that the lamb had been moved. JH wanted ideas as to how to publicise the correct actions for members of the public to take in these situations.

4. Acceptance of the Minutes from the last meeting: 6th April
Minutes: To approve the Minutes as a true record of the Parish Council Meeting held, via Zoom, on 5th March 2021 TP needs to be listed as present, apart from this cllrs were happy that this was an accurate description of the meeting.

Proposed: TP Seconded: SW

Clerk to amend minutes.

5. Actions from previous minutes either dealt with, or on the agenda other than:-
Contact with Network Rail; Fly tipping/fencing on Haywood Lane : The clerk had been in contact with the Network Rail team and a site meeting is being arranged.
Action: Clerk to add to next agenda.

6. Planning Matters – Peter Clegg had been the cllr looking at planning applications, TP suggested that some one else should take over this role – it was moved for SW to take it over and he agreed. Proposed: TP Seconded: JH all others were in favour.
211046 – Pool Barn, Grafton Lane: Proposed erection of a building for mixed use as a domestic garage and agricultural storage.
SW and JH declared an interest as this application belongs to a family member.
Action: NB will look further into this application.

The various Inspector level checks on 3 planning applications at New House Barn. We have put in letters of objection to 2 of them but the 3rd site is not allowing people to upload evidence. Suggested that we send our objection directly to the officer in charge if the web site isn’t working. Stating that we have missed the deadline due to the website failure.
TP was explaining what B1 use is – being a use which can be carried out in any residential area without detriment to the amenity of that area by reason of noise, vibration, smell, fumes, smoke, soot, ash, dust or grit. Historically abbreviated as “Office or light industrial” uses. (Parish Councillors note attached revisions to the use Class attached to the end of these minutes).
He suggested that the farm was carrying out work that was not suitable for this use.
CB has been talking with Kevin Bishop/Mark Tansley who will meet with the PC if we want to do this.

Action: CB will set this up. SW, TP, JH and SS to be invited to this meeting.
7.  Lengthsman – update, and identification of any work needed.
SW asked for him to go along Grafton Land to redo the grips.
OP identified a tree that protruded into the road at the approach to the village. He will contact the land owner to see if this can be addressed.

Action: OP to contact Steven Davies

8.  Finance and policies
8.1   To note bank balance in HSBC account as at 05.03.21: £9,979.95
8.2   To note receipts this period – none showing on this bank statement but first half of precept has been paid.

8.3   To resolve to accept payments – Clerks salary and expenses; Zurich Insurance annual renewal:£254.96; Internal auditor: £35:

It was resolved to make the above payments. Proposed: NB Seconded:JH

8.4   Request for financial aid: None

8.5   Approving 20/21 accounting statement

Proposed: NB Seconded: SW

8.6   Approving annual governance statement:

Proposed:NB Seconded: SW

8.7   Approval of Certificate of Exemption

Proposed: NB Seconded: SW

9.   Feedback from training or meetings attended.
NB had attended the Chair’s Chat last week with HALC. It focussed on the fact that PC’s had to go back to face to face meetings. This ruling is being challenged but at this time we will be back in Callow Village Hall for the June PC meeting. Due to the restrictions currently in place, it was resolved to cancel this meeting and the next meeting will be face to face on July 6th from 7.00pm at Callow Village Hall – unless notified otherwise – once the restrictions nationally have been relaxed. Proposed: NB Seconded: JH all were in favour.
Balfour Beatty were also discussed for not delivering work to a decent standard. It was mentioned that the Chairs discussed putting together a letter of discontent to BB.

Action: Clerk to make sure this is marked on the website.

10   Parish Roads and Footpaths
Speeding in the parish: TP is monitoring the traffic issues in the parishes. Bruce Bamber has been kept up to date with the progress in the parishes but due to ill health he will not be participating in the coming months The TRO is currently on hold whilst HC wait for restrictions to be lifted to allow public consultations once the lockdown is over. CB explained that John Harrington was fully supportive in pushing the TRO forward, he will lead a meeting tomorrow to push this on.

11. Defibrillator for the village – Update from OP. OP and the clerk met with Jan and Bernie Nash to look at putting a defib at the Callow Village Hall. The Village Hall Committee had looked at this at 2017 but they were concerned about the upkeep of it, given that the PC were going to look after the defib, they were happy to suggest a location using their solar powers to charge it.
It was resolved that we should write to the Village Hall committee. Proposed : SW seconded: TP
TP suggested that OP contacted Helen Jones his PA who is very knowledgeable about the various Defib machines and associated grants
Action: Clerk to write a letter to the trustees asking for the PC to use the Village Hall.

Action: OP to contact Helen Jones for more info.

12. Matters to be raised on the Agenda of the next Meeting – Traffic/speeding; road out of Callow; Defib; Fly tipping/fencing; Covid and Vulnerable parishoners.

13. Confirmation of date of next PC Meeting
The next meeting was due to be on Tuesday 1st June 2021 , it was resolved to cancel this meeting and the next meeting will be face to face on July 6th from 7.00pm at Callow Village Hall – unless notified otherwise.

Website link: http://callowhaywoodpc.org.uk/

Meeting closed at 20.22

Signed: _____________________________ Date: _______________

Future meetings:-

Tuesday July 6th 7.00pm
Tuesday Sept 7th 7.00pm
Tuesday Oct 5th 7.00pm
Tuesday Nov 2nd 7.00pm
Tuesday Dec 7th 7.00pm

Callow and Haywood Parish Council Chairs Annual Report May 2021
Cllr Neil Barrington – CHPC Chairman

Meetings and Attendance
Due to the pandemic meetings were suspended from February to September. Monthly meetings resumed as stated. Since recommencement we’ve continued to deal as diligently as possible with current issues. Planning, speeding, fly tipping, discarded refuse, and maintain a point of contact for any isolated and vulnerable people in the parish.
7 routine meetings have been held since resumption in September. Councillor attendance has been good. Our ward councillor, Christy Bolderson, has been present for 4 of these. But I must stress Christy had family bereavements during this time. Our Police representative and locality steward were unable to attend. Again, we receive regular reports from both.
In February 2021, very sadly, due to family issues. Our chairman Tony Priddle had to relinquish the role. I wanted to place on record our thanks for his outstanding contribution and tremendous hard work he carried out on behalf of the parish.
Furthermore, a casual vacancy was filled in November 2020.Following all the correct processes. With Cllr Neil Barrington co opted for the Callow district. As a new member he has taken over as contact for issues as aforementioned. Also, he has now subsequently moved into the chairman’s role on Tony’s resignation.
Parish clerk
Our clerk Sophie Glover continues to do a fantastic job. Keeping us all up to date with relevant issues. Liaising with us as councillors. Providing top quality guidance. I’m very grateful for her help and support.
13 planning applications of various types and scale have been submitted. We have one that has reversed a decision made by the council on appeal. After a successful upholding of another appeal on similar planning point in January. Discussions are continuing over this. With hopefully a resolution at a future point? We believe we’ve been consistent and fair in all decisions.
Neighbourhood Development Plan
Following the decision to suspend the Southern Link Road. This has had an obvious knock on with our Neighbourhood Development Plan. We have taken the decision to place this hold pending more clarity.
We also have applied Traffic Regulation Order with regards to the continual speeding and oversize vehicle issues. Which unfortunately continue to be a concern.
Website and Facebook page
For all meeting schedules, agenda’s and minutes are available on the Parish website. Furthermore, information on planning matters to be considered, policies and business.
Also, there is a Facebook page available for residents to air issues applicable to themselves. It’s proving to be an invaluable forum and has been very successful in highlighting items for consideration.

Village Hall
Unfortunately, I’m unable to provide any information of the status of the village hall. There is a possibility of a return to Face to Face meetings at some stage. We will need to update the status of the hall.
Precept has remained £7500
Council agreed to renew their membership for another 12 months.



Information on the Class B1 updated:

Planning use classes. Notes 17.5.21:
Class B1.
being a use which can be carried out in any residential area without detriment
to the amenity of that area by reason of noise, vibration, smell, fumes, smoke,
soot, ash, dust or grit.

The Town and Country Planning (Use Classes) Order 1987
Changes to Use Classes from 1 September 2020
Based on amendments to the Use Classes, it is important to read the notes
associated with each class below.
 From 1 September 2020, for purposes of Use Class, A1/2/3 & B1 to be
treated as Class E
 For any planning applications submitted before 1 September 2020, the
Use Classes in effect when the application was submitted will be used to
determine the application.
 For any reference to Permitted Development rights, and for restrictions to
them or applications for Prior Approval, the Use Classes in effect prior to 1
September 2020 will be the ones used until the end of July 2021 (this is
defined as the ‘material period’ in legislation so may be referred to as
However, it is advised that you confirm the specifics of any such situation with
the relevant Local Planning Authority.
Class B
B1 Business is revoked from 1 September 2020. It is effectively replaced with
the new Class E(g).
It is included here for reference and use in specific situations where it remains
valid (as detailed above).
 B1 Business – Uses which can be carried out in a residential area without
detriment to its amenity. This class is formed of three parts:
o B1(a) Offices – Other than a use within Class A2 (see above)
o B1(b) Research and development of products or processes
o B1(c) Industrial processes